DZ6HD Dimmers - turning on

First time user of ST. Installed several DZ6HD Dimmers, one and two way. Everything seems to work fine. Except … when i use ST app (or Alexa linked to it) and turn a switch on, that had already been set to say 50% Dim, it turns it on at 100%. This is not consistent with On/Off manually at the switch.

Is this the expected behaviour? Doesn’t feel like it should be. If so, are there work arounds? I have seen postings about DZ6HD Handlers created and used, etc. Are these required? What handler does it replace? I am not averse to using other handlers or even learning to code this. However, it would appear to me that the default operation of ON/OFF should mimic the switch.

What am i missing? Oh, also, when i paired and added them to the ST network, it offered up a couple of “Dimmer Switch” options (none said DZ6HD directly). Does it matter which i choose when connecting/pairing? If so, which should i use. Z-Wave Dimmer in-wall DZ1KD, In-Wall 600W Dimmer, or some other? Does this matter, wasn’t sure, as it found, connected, and works (well, almost …)

Okay, appears that i have found information in the forum.

so, i guess now i need to figure out either how to program the leviton with the paddle (didn’t seem clear in instructions) and/or figure out how to create a custom handler, install it, make the one time changes, and possibly remove it. Any pointers to this type of information would be helpful.

Meanwhile, perhaps somebody can confirm that the answer in the above post is still the current answer. And/or if there is another handler that everybody seems to be using that does what i want it to do … please let me know where it is, and how to bind/use it in ST. I’ll keep poking around, meanwhile.

well, i guess i’ve been working through this myself. Apologize for getting into areas that have been covered within this community. After more research, i will go ahead and either use or write a handler to handle this. I do find it interesting that the “default” handler (i’ll figure out what that is), does not default to what the manual switch does (turn on at previous brightness level). But, nonetheless, i’ll figure out how to handle it.
sorry for this thread, i will close it now.