Ustellar LED Strip Lights

I purchased two sets of these lights. The LEDs are dimmable, but when I plug them into a Leviton DZPD3-2BW dimmer Plug the LEDs don’t dim. Anyone had experience with either the Leviton Plug or the LED strips?

That almost always occurs because the load isn’t high enough for the dimmer to sense it. It happens with LEDs.

So first things first: have you set the load type parameter so that it knows these are LED bulbs? (The default on that device is for incandescent)

Do you know how to change this option?

If the device type handler you are using does not expose that parameter, you can use the Z wave tweaker.

I have it installed, but honestly I could never figure it out. Any idea what to change? And once changed can I go back to original DTH?

Ask for help with the tweaker in the thread that I just gave you the link to and people and people there will be glad to help.

The parameter you need to change is in the user manual that I linked to in my first post. Again, people in the tweaker thread will be glad to help show you exactly what you need to do.

You only use the tweaker for long enough to change the parameters. Then they are saved in the device’s firmware. So you do change it back to your every day DTH once you have the parameters set. :sunglasses:

OK will do.

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Uhmm…excuse me…aren’t those LED strip lights 12v DC? And the Leviton Plug-in Dimmer is 120v AC. Uhm…you need a LED driver for the LED strip. Not a 120VAC lamp module. You’re lucky you haven’t killed yourself already.

And if you have a AC to DC transformer plugged into the dimmer, expecting to get dimming from the LEDs…that aint going to happen. Eventually the transformer won’t have enough AC anymore and will shut down. You need a proper LED driver to dim the strip.

Yes there is a 120 v to 12 v DC power supply and yes it won’t dim. So I have the Smart plug set at 100% and it will stay that way. I also changed the device type to Z-Wave Switch Generic from Z-Wave Dimmer Generic. This way there are no errors.

You specifically said that the LEDs don’t dim was the problem.

They do dim with the included dimmer, but of course not with the Leviton. The included dimmer is after the transformer so it worked.