Leviton DZ15S invisible in wifi

This is my first post on a forum. Ever. So bare with me, y’all. Usually ther’s a nifty YouTube vid that walks you right thru. In this case unfortunately something isnt adding up.

Upon installation of my new DZ15S z wave switches, things looked promising. The LED light is green, the lights work as designed. However, as I walk thru the pairing process, I can’t get the switches to show up in my available WiFi options. A key step to the pairing process. Smartthings can’t find the switches, nor can My Leviton. I’m doing what the instructions (and youtube videos) tell me to do. Hold it dowm for 14 secs. The LED quickly flashes green. But then nothing. I’m thinking there’s an issue with the signal these devices are supposed to be sending out? Or I’m completely dense and missing something, which is absolutely possible too!

Someone let me know if more info is needed to help. Again, I’m a nube. Thanks in advance!

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You’re putting the switch into pairing mode, and putting the hub into pairing mode in the mobile app, right?

Try these these instructions from the ST support website. Start with the second part, how to reset, then try to pair it again.

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Also I’m not sure what you mean by “invisible in wifi” if you have one of the leviton z-wave switches. Z-wave and wifi are different wireless protocols; if you have a z-wave switch it connects to the ST hub wirelessly with z-wave, and your hub is connected to your router with an Ethernet cable. There’s no wifi involved in that case.

Do you definitely have the DZ15S? Leviton also makes a decora switch that does connect with wifi, and that doesn’t require a hub at all. That’s the DW15S.

Thanks for the quick reply, Mike! Short story: that article was exactly what I needed to be pointed to. As well as reassurance I was doing the right thing, just incorrectly (if that makes sense). It worked.

Now for the clarification (tl;dr) part in hopes I can help other ppl in the same brain fart situation.

I do indeed have the DZ15S (z wave) switch, which as you know, requires the use of a z wave controller. When I attempted to pair the switches with the smartthings hub, I must not have been timing the pairing properly bc smartthings couldn’t find the device. In other words, I’d put the device in pairing mode, then start the device search in-app, perhaps not quickly enough? I did that a couple of times to no avail and assumed I was doing the wrong thing. Reading deeper into it, I found that you’ve only got 20 seconds in pairing mode on the switch. Should be plenty of time BUT If the app doesn’t find it within that timeframe, the switch times out and exits pairing mode.

More confusion came onto the scene when I decided to download the My Leviton app as another option, thinking I could pair my devices there, then pull my account into smartthings via the “Add a SmartApp” feature, which pulls in the devices already paired to an account. Dont do that. It’s silly. That app isn’t for the z wave products, it’s (obviously, only now) for the WiFi products. So essentially it was prompting me to pair thru WiFi instead of the hub. Of course the switch isn’t visible in wifi… bc it’s not a WiFi product.

If you made it to the end, thanks again for the help. I really appreciate a great first forum experience.