Help Pairing Leviton DZS15 Switch

So I have tried numerous times to get the Leviton DZS15 switch to pair. I have used the general connect now feature, I have tried using the marketplace and drilled into the Leviton switch - during both of these I tapped the bottom of the switch twice. I have performed a reset on the switch by pressing the top of the switch then after 10 seconds pressing and holding the bottom until the LED flashes RED. I have moved the hub to within 20 feet of the switch. Still with all this nothing. The app never indicates that it sees the switch. I took the switch back to Home Depot and got another one and went through all the steps again and still nothing. I have three other zwave devices in the house - 2 everspring leak detectors and a ST water leak sensor. All these are working fine

Anyone have a suggestion on how to get this switch working?

You may have already done the following but here goes:

  1. exclude switch from hub.
  2. reset switch - press programming button until flash red
  3. remove switch from main power (use a circuit breaker if possible)
  4. reset hub
  5. move hub as close as you can to switch
  6. power on switch, if green indicator is not on, press program button - light should come on.
  7. select add new device, leviton, outlet, dzs15 device listing from ST menu
  8. press connect and let it search
  9. while searching press programming button on the outlet

hope this helps.