Help with Leviton Vizia+ VPS15-LZ

I’m trying to pair a Leviton Vizia+ VPS15-LZ. When I open the Smartthings APP, it asks me to press and hold the switches pad for 7 seconds, until the LED on the switch turns AMBER. It does not, it simply starts blinking.

I have a house full of these switches and remotes. I never used this method for any of them, I simply put the smartthings app into “Add Device” and pressed the keypad on the switch once or twice and the switch appeared in the app.

DId something change since I’ve added a device to this system? It’s been a few years I suppose.


Since that’s a discontinued model, it’s probable that the app was giving you instructions for a different model. I would just go online and find the manual for the model that you actually have and see it says. :sunglasses:

First rule of home automation: “the model number matters.“

Manual for the switch has no instructions for pairing with Smartthings Hub. Back when I installed all my existing Leviton Switches, you simply chose Leviton Switch in the smartthings app and it prompted you to activate and deactivate the switch. It was then enrolled and you were able to label and put it in a room.

The current version of the app doesn’t present that option for any of the Leviton products, any longer.

So now I dont know how pair my old and new old stock switches that I bought as spares? Trying to figure outnif theres some legacy procedure to enroll these devices?

It should have instructions for inclusion into a zwave network. Since the SmartThings hub is a certified Z wave controller, from the Leviton side they don’t need to give you brand-specific smartthings instructions.

Ahhhh, so do I need a different app to add it to the zwave network?

I don’t know how to do that outside of the Smartthings app. I’m off to research this further, but a nudges in the correct direction would be greatly appreciated.


You still use the new SmartThings app, but it’s possible you might have to add it as a Z wave generic item and then change the DTH later.

The first thing to do would be to find out what DTH it is using now. If you don’t know how to do that, it’s not that hard, but someone else will have to give you the instructions, I’m not feeling very well today.


I’d choose the Z-wave brand and then use your normal method for adding it when the screen prompts you to.