Leviton DW15S switches turn on by themselves

I’ve had my Leviton smart switches for three months now and am experiencing a recurring problem. The switches are the DW15s-1BZ and the companion DD0SR-1Z. They control two, 2-candelabra bulb, wall sconces. On three occasions, the lights simply turn themselves on and will not turn off. If turned off manually at either switch, they simply turn themselves back on. Same with the Alexa app. If I use the app to turn the light off, or ask Alexa to do it, the lights come back on two or three seconds later. I have tried resetting the router, and operated them with the router off, but no change.
I have wrestled with them for an hour today with no luck but, as I typed this…they turned themselves off.
Other than these three occasions, the switches have performed flawlessly.
Has anyone else had this issue?

Which model smartthings hub are you using? And which version of the smartthings app?

My hub model is STH-ETH-250 but those switches are not controlled by the hub. They work through the ALEXA app. I set up the switches last November and could control them directly from an Amazon Echo. A week later, when I purchased several Leviton smart outlets, I was surprised to learn that they required a hub.
One of the fixes that I tried yesterday was to turn off the circuit breakers that control those lights, thinking that perhaps a break in current might reset the switches. It had no effect.
In desperation last night, I finally had to unscrew the light bulbs in the wall sconces as there was no other way to turn them off. This morning, the switches are working normally…both manually and through the Echo voice control.

Do you have any Alexa routines or other automations that use the switches in any way?

No, the lights and switches are in a hallway and are not connected to any grouping or Alexa automation. The problem is truly baffling…as the issue happens without any outside input (I hadn’t been using the lights yesterday when they came on by themselves) and the issue seems to resolve itself with no outside input. When I screwed the lightbulbs back in this morning, the switches were off and they now work fine. Somehow, the switches resolved their issue overnight.

Since you haven’t integrated the switches with your smartthings account, you can’t take advantage of any of the logging options there.

This really sounds like something you should be discussing with Leviton support.


Have been trying to add the switch to the SmartThings Hub…but no success. The green light on the switch is flashing, but the application can’t find it. Perhaps it has something to do with the 3-way configuration but, as stated earlier, 99% of the time, both switches work fine.
Will contact Leviton to see what they have to say.

Thanks for the assistance, greatly appreciated

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You’re trying to add a Wi-Fi switch to SmartThings? If so, you’ll need to use the cloud to cloud integration rather than searching for devices to connect directly. SmartThings hubs can only connect directly to zigbee and z-wave devices. The steps to enter your Leviton credentials and set up the cloud connection are slightly different depending on which app you’re using, but both sets of directions can be found here:


Some Wi-Fi devices can be added via a LAN integration. That includes, for example, the Phillips hue bridge.

This is what the “superLAN Connect” feature is for. WiFi Devices on the same LAN can be automatically discovered in this way. They can also operate locally even if the Internet is out as long as the local Wi-Fi is still active.

The Leviton Wi-Fi devices which are officially supported are sort of in between these.

You do have to sign into the Leviton cloud for the first device you Connect.

After that, though, any additional Leviton Wi-Fi devices will be automatically discovered.


Note that the procedure is kind of weird if you are using the new app instead of the classic app.

If you are using the new app, you have to select the Leviton thermostat if you want to add any Wi-Fi devices, including a Wi-Fi dimmer.

That is not true for the classic app, and I don’t know if it’s going to be changed in the future.

See the official support article linked to above for the exact process

Actually…I have no idea as to what I am doing. I’m a journalist, not an electrician. For $15, I can remove the “smart” switches and replace them with standard ones. Connecting the entire house started as a fun technical problem for me to solve and…though I am usually quite good at troubleshooting problems…I’ll admit that I’m now out of my depth.
Deep thanks to the both of you for your suggestions…though I’ll attempt to contact Leviton on Monday…I’m resigned to throw in the towel : )
Thanks again

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