Leviton dw15s problems

I’ve had a leviton switch for a while now and it was working great. Recently my automations stopped working on it (auto shut off). The problem is if the switch is turned on by any other means other than the smartthings app, it does not shown the switch on in smart things. I can still turn on and off the switch in smart things though - just doesn’t show the correct status (so auto off will never work). I’ve removed the switch from both smart things and the leviton app and readded it to both a few times now. When adding back into smartthings it just says “checking” after adding it back. If I turn the light on in smart things the “checking” status goes away but the above problem persists. Does anyone know what in the world is going on?

Edit: this appears to be a gen1 switch problem, if that helps. I have 2 other gen 1 switches that are not updating status in smart things. The two gen2 switch I have work correctly.

What firmware level?

I had similar behavior with Levitons about 3 years ago. Firmware update fixed them.

Firmware is up to date, I assume I will have to wait for new firmware.

FWIW, I haven’t seen a new one in the three years since I upgraded DZ15S and DZ6HD devices to 1.20

You can replace all three with Zooz Zen26 switches for about $60

Or the newer Zooz 700 series for $90

Depends on your tolerance for frustration.

Personally, I hit a wall with SmartThings and Z-wave at around 30 devices and as much as possible am only doing ZigBee for new or replacement devices.

Since that’s one of the Wi-Fi models it’s using the new architecture, I would suggest contacting Leviton support. See the bottom of the following page for contact options:


While at either of those prices I would likely just replace, but living in Canada the switches you linked are 2-3x the cost, so unfortunately it’s not an option.

I did contact support, I don’t have high expectations anything will come of it.

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Ah. Didn’t think to ask. Bummer.

My brain read the switch model as DZ15S instead of DW15S.

I’m not really familiar with how the Wi-Fi Leviton devices work. Guessing the SmartThings connection would be via a cloud-to-cloud service.

Is the status correct in the Leviton app but wrong in SmartThings? That would make me think it’s a cloud-to-cloud update issue.

Are all your Levitons Wi-Fi including the ones that work correctly?

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Yes, it’s definitely a cloud to cloud issue. Everything is the correct status in the Leviton app, it just doesn’t translate to the Smartthings app. I suspect SmartThings changed something and didn’t let the vendors know. It’s only causing issues on Gen1 Leviton switches, the Gen2 switches I have (i have 2 gen2, 3 gen1) are perfectly fine.