Switch always reports on

I have a circuit with a Leviton three way connected. Initially, it worked exactly like it should. But a few weeks ago, if you manually turn it off, the log reports it turns off, and then turns on, even though the light is now off. None of my other Levitons, including some in the same box as these, are doing this.

Anyone seen something like this before? Thanks.

Do you have any automations setup that turn this switch on?

No, there aren’t. In fact, I haven’t done any automations since it was working.

One other thing - if I turn it off via ST app, it stays marked off. So it seems to be tied to the switch(es)?

Played some more, and my previous statement was incorrect. Even if I use the ST app to turn off the switch, I’ve now seen it marked “on” again after a minute or two (without the light turning on.) I’ve also seen a couple other variations of marking on or off.

I’m starting to suspect that there is a problem in the polling between the hub and switch. Since it only happens with this switch, I’m suspecting it. Has anyone seen one soft fail like this, where it’s state gets randomly reported to the hub?

I would try factory resetting the switch and use the exclusion option on smartthings. Then add it back in.

Did u install any custom DTH for that switch?

No, just standard - same as all the other switches in the house.

So, didn’t get around to trying the factory reset and exclude/rejoin approach. But a few days ago we had a couple of power outages, and now the switch is acting normally. If it starts happening again (or if someone else has the problem), it might just be a matter of flipping the circuit breaker off/on.

I have the same issue since few days. I tried to flip the circuit breaker: so far so good!

I also had the same issue with a custom device, I’ve removed the capability ‘Switch’, saved / published the handler, then restore the capability saved / published again. It seems to have fix the issue.