Help! Smartthings improperly updates device status

When I turn off a light with Smartthings, the light does go off, but the Smartthings app doesn’t show it as off. The light shows up as on but dimmed (down to about 30% usually).

Any idea what causes this? Also, my z-wave network repair never works; don’t know if that could be related.

Please specify exactly which device brand, model, and Device Type Handler in use.

It can make a big difference. Some hardware (and some DTHs) have known issues or intrinsic limitations.

Yah… Poor mesh network state can prevent messages from the Device getting to SmartThings.

Be sure to explore Live Logging in the SmartThings IDE:

Seeing the same thing today z-wave and zigbee devices.

Thanks, tgauchat.

  • It’s happening with Cooper Aspire RF9534-N (with neutral wire) and Cooper Aspire RF9534 (without neutral wire).
  • The type (for both types of devices) is listed as “Z-Wave Dimmer Switch Generic.”
  • When I go to My Device Handlers I see the message, “You don’t have any device handlers yet. Add one now.”

Any help you can give is much appreciated. A bit more detail on what’s happening:

  • When I use the Smartthings app to turn off the device:
    • the device does turn off,
    • but its status in the app lingers as “TURNINGOFF” before switching back to ON (though at a lower listed dimmer rate),
    • even though the physical device itself remains off
  • If I hit the app button again, the device stays off and the status does change to off.
  • So basically if I turn it off once, the physical device turns off, but if I want it updated in my app, I have to turn it off again.


Seeing the same thing starting last night on one of my NYCE tilt sensors on my garage door.

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For this Switch, does the light turn off immediately, or does it fade out? I use a certain brand of outlets and they fade on and off very nicely. My Hue bulbs are instant on, but fade off.

It sounds to me that the Switch is sending a “dim level status” message as it is in the process of turning off, and it might not be sending a “switch off status”; or that message is lost or SmartThings is catching it too late.

Watching Live Logging might give a clue. Or this is a temporary platform problem.

Or “heal” your ZigBee network by unplugging your Hub (and batteries) for 15 to 30 minutes.

Ditto…experiencing same problem as the outage the other day. Vacation scheduling app not working and my smart switches and bulbs are all unavailable in the app. Running the repair network doesn’t work, seems non responsive, so I think it’s a platform problem at the moment. 2018 had not been ST year, so far.

The switches dim on and dim off.

I’m sheepish to admit I don’t know what Live Logging is. I’ve done a search for it, but all the results are intermediate-level, written to an audience who already understands it. I have tried watching Events for the device, but even events aren’t showing up any more (not for devices that are working properly, not for the Hub itself, not for anything).

However, when I could see the events earlier today they would be (and this is from memory), first an event that an off command had been sent, followed by an event that device had been dimmed.

Two questions then:

  1. Where can I learn more about Live Logging?
  2. Where can I find out if there’s a more specific DTH than " “Z-Wave Dimmer Switch Generic"? I’ve checked Github with no success

BTW, thanks so much for your help, and if I’m burdening you with too many requests I’ll understand if you don’t have time to respond.

  1. Login to the SmartThings IDE website at and hopefully there will be a Live Logging tab. Events might not actually appear in sequential order, so it is not always helpful. The log emitters are listed at the top of the screen and you can click on them to filter.

2.To find an alternate DTH, it’s probably best just to use Forum Search :mag_right:.