Leviton 3 way switch setup help

(PH) #1

Hi All:

I am new to the community and I have recently start my home automation with Smartthings and start expending home automation by adding more Z Wave light switches.

Recently I bought the following switches for my 3 way setup
Leviton DZS15-1BZ Z Wave smart switch
Leviton VP0SR-1LZ matching plate for my addon switch

I believe my current 3 way switches setup is like this

I have spent hours last night and couldn’t figure out how to setup 3 ways in this situation.
It seems like the slave light switch box does not have any power feed to it.

Could anyone help on this?


(Daniel Ionescu) #2

When it comes to wiring, you cannot believe anything. You have to make sure. But If that’s what you really have, then the Leviton switch you mention requires neutral at the switch and you don’t have it.
See this [FAQ] GE 3-Way Wiring. It’s for GE but they all work the same.

(Ray) #3

What you are missing at the switch boxes is a neutral wire. The Leviton requires a neutral wire at the switches to operate. Here’s a recent post similar to your setup.

(PH) #4

Thank you all for the comments.
Both of you are correct… it’s not going to work.
I was hoping to have 3 way z wave switch to replace 3 smart bulbs … I guess i’ll continue using smart bulbs.

Thanks all.

(Robin) #5

You could place a Fibaro Dimmer 2 micro module behind the main switch (the one shown on the left of the diagram). It doesent need a neutral.

You would then use two of the old traveller wires to connect switch 2 to the same micro module.

Only one module required, needs ‘dumb’ momentary switches at both locations.

(Robin) #6

Should have said, it can also be wired and configured for your existing toggle switches (rather than buying momentary ones) but you would loose the ability to dim from the switches.

(Dylan Pierce) #7

@phuangk I’m in the same boat. I bought the GE zwave primary and addon switch. Was very disappointed when I learned you can’t hook up a load-first 3 way switch. I found another z wave device, but you can’t integrate it to Home Assistant without their bridge hub which is another $70. Not worth it to me. Still researching my options.