3 Way Smart Switch Wiring with a Regular Switch

I’m just getting started into the HA scene, and recently picked up a Leviton 3 Way Switch to use in my hallway from Home Depot.


The switched is being used as a 3 way switch, with the other switch still being the default/original switch, and not the coordinating 3 way switch.

Now, I’m not sure if I installed it incorrectly or not. However, the Leviton switch will turn on and off the hall light. However, the 2nd/non smart switch needs to toggle on, off, on, off to turn the light on. I think its because it needs to ‘clear’ the smart switch first to turn it on?

I don’t think you can use a non z-wave switch with this switch. You need that coordinating remote switch for a 3 way.

@Navat604 is right. Your setup will not work as intended. You need to add a Leviton VP0SR-1LZ, instead of the original non-smart switch. The VP0SR is also “not smart”, but it knows how to talk to your DZS15.


I made the same mistake, Paul. I bought the coordinating switch for my GE ones, and it was magically easy again to get 3-way switches working. When I ran into a 5-way (not sure thats the right term), that got hairy and had to have a pro figure out that wiring non-sense. I guess I was a little overzealous looking for 4 outlets to control one set of lights when I built the house. LOL

Thanks guys,

I ordered the matching remote switch (with LED), number VP0SR-1LZ if anyone else is looking for it.

I’m still having trouble getting these switches to pair up though. But I to have to admit that I’m using a Rooted Wink hub currently. But when ST opens up their box for local control and/or use with OpenHab, I’ll make the change to ST.

FYI…I had to go with these Leviton switches over the GE ones due to them being slightly smaller. I did previously buy 2 GE switches and learned that due their width and larger metal bracketing that I could not get 2 of them side by side within a 3 gang box.

Thus, beware if attempting to use multiple GE switches in the same gang. You may not be able to 1) fit them in the box) and 2) get a wall plate over them.

Did you break off the side metal tabs? Those have to come off for side by side dimmers, on each dimmer.

I’m at work now, but no I did not break off the side tabs. I will take a 2nd look tonight at them but they looked liked one large piece of metal/bracket and do not break off. I forget which model number I bought (from ebay), but will definitely take a 2nd look tonight.

I was just going to use them in single gang switch elsewhere. But if I can stuff them side by side, that will be great too.

Here’s a picture of a Leviton dimmer, with the tabs broken off on one side and not on the other. You wiggle them back and forth with pliers until they break off.

I broke off the metal tabs. I have 4 in a 4-gang box and they all fit…albeit snugly.

@bravenel Thanks for the info.

I got a follow-up question. I have two Leviton Z wave 3way switches (DZ6HD and DZMX1). Will they work together on a 3way setup?

They might.

But it would be cheaper to buy the 2nd matching switch. Usually can be found at $8 on eBay.

Buy 2 of them, and you can have 2 3-way smart switches in the house!

I have a 4 way circuit with two new but antique style push button switches (one 4 way and two 3 ways). At the source where the neutral exists I want to install one smart swtich. I do not want to replace all three switches. Does anyone know of a 3 way smart switch that does not require matching or coordinating remotes and may be installed

Zooz switches

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Thanks Bryan.
Can I ask a couple other questions?

  1. The link says nothing about an app. I presume there is an iphone and android app.
  2. Is a HUB required. I see it is needed for Scene Control but what about just regular use?
  3. What is scene control?


This forum is for users of the Samsung Smartthings home automation hubs. So when I posted, I presumed that you are a Smartthings home automation hub user. From your response, I’m guessing you’re not.

The switch I linked does need to communicate with a home automation hub. Such hubs have their own apps. Scenes are just ways of grouping a number of devices like lights so they can be addressed with one command. You don’t have to use a scene with the switch I linked, but you do need to use a home automation hub with it.

If you don’t want to invest in a home automation hub, you can buy smart devices that connect via WiFi (as opposed to the Zwave protocol that the switch I linked uses) and don’t require a hub. You can use an app with them as well. I’m not very familiar with those devices, so someone else here may be able to point you in the right direction. You’re looking for a WiFi smart switch that works in 3 way and/or 4 way configurations AND works with existing non-smart switches.

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