3 Way Smart Switch Wiring with a Regular Switch

(Paul Muldoon) #1

I’m just getting started into the HA scene, and recently picked up a Leviton 3 Way Switch to use in my hallway from Home Depot.


The switched is being used as a 3 way switch, with the other switch still being the default/original switch, and not the coordinating 3 way switch.

Now, I’m not sure if I installed it incorrectly or not. However, the Leviton switch will turn on and off the hall light. However, the 2nd/non smart switch needs to toggle on, off, on, off to turn the light on. I think its because it needs to ‘clear’ the smart switch first to turn it on?

(Ray) #2

I don’t think you can use a non z-wave switch with this switch. You need that coordinating remote switch for a 3 way.

(Bruce) #3

@Navat604 is right. Your setup will not work as intended. You need to add a Leviton VP0SR-1LZ, instead of the original non-smart switch. The VP0SR is also “not smart”, but it knows how to talk to your DZS15.

(Eric) #4

I made the same mistake, Paul. I bought the coordinating switch for my GE ones, and it was magically easy again to get 3-way switches working. When I ran into a 5-way (not sure thats the right term), that got hairy and had to have a pro figure out that wiring non-sense. I guess I was a little overzealous looking for 4 outlets to control one set of lights when I built the house. LOL

(Paul Muldoon) #5

Thanks guys,

I ordered the matching remote switch (with LED), number VP0SR-1LZ if anyone else is looking for it.

I’m still having trouble getting these switches to pair up though. But I to have to admit that I’m using a Rooted Wink hub currently. But when ST opens up their box for local control and/or use with OpenHab, I’ll make the change to ST.

FYI…I had to go with these Leviton switches over the GE ones due to them being slightly smaller. I did previously buy 2 GE switches and learned that due their width and larger metal bracketing that I could not get 2 of them side by side within a 3 gang box.

Thus, beware if attempting to use multiple GE switches in the same gang. You may not be able to 1) fit them in the box) and 2) get a wall plate over them.

(Bruce) #6

Did you break off the side metal tabs? Those have to come off for side by side dimmers, on each dimmer.

(Paul Muldoon) #7

I’m at work now, but no I did not break off the side tabs. I will take a 2nd look tonight at them but they looked liked one large piece of metal/bracket and do not break off. I forget which model number I bought (from ebay), but will definitely take a 2nd look tonight.

I was just going to use them in single gang switch elsewhere. But if I can stuff them side by side, that will be great too.

(Bruce) #8

Here’s a picture of a Leviton dimmer, with the tabs broken off on one side and not on the other. You wiggle them back and forth with pliers until they break off.

(Eric) #9

I broke off the metal tabs. I have 4 in a 4-gang box and they all fit…albeit snugly.

(Dave) #10

@bravenel Thanks for the info.

(The Happy Irishman) #11

I got a follow-up question. I have two Leviton Z wave 3way switches (DZ6HD and DZMX1). Will they work together on a 3way setup?

(Mike) #12

They might.

But it would be cheaper to buy the 2nd matching switch. Usually can be found at $8 on eBay.

Buy 2 of them, and you can have 2 3-way smart switches in the house!