Replacing 4 way setup with Leviton z-wave Smart ones?

I tried searching but could only find scenarios on 2 switches.

I have 3 3-way switches. I’ve found the main switch and the two add-ons.
They all have a neutral wire.
Below is the order they are in.

2 Black (1 Hot) and 1 red.

  1. add-on
    2 Black (1 hot) and 2 Red (1 hot)

  2. add-on - 1 Black (hot) and 2 Red (1 hot)

I had this figured out until, I realized there were 3 switches. (We just bought the house, so still learning the switches) But the second switch that has 2 red and 2 black is throwing me off a little.
I’ve tried doing some searches but keep coming up with just 2 switch scenarios…

What country are you in?

In the US, a “three-way” typically refers to the number of branches, so two light switches (one master and one auxiliary) and one light makes a three-way.

In the UK, a “three-way” refers to the number of switches, so one master and two auxiliaries.

So in the US, and then switch into add-ons would be a four way. Not a three-way.

Also, what brand and model of smart switches are you intending to install?

My bad… U.S. and thanks for the info… Never thought of that…

Where I have 3 switches for one light…

These are older Z-wave Decora Levitons.

The Leviton Z wave switches use physical traveler wires, so the wiring should be similar to the GE z wave switches.

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Appreciate the input…

So, I watched a Leviton video on installing the 3-way for two switches and decided to take the plunge.

And I realize this is a little more electrical than Smart switch.

After connecting the Main and 2 add-ons the light power ons.

The problem is, I can only turn it off from the main.
And as soon as I turn it off it turns right back on.

I can’t answer individual wiring questions (I’m an engineer, not an electrician), But hopefully some of the wiring experts in the community will be able to help.

You might also take a look at the following thread since the Leviton and the GE are wired in a very similar fashion, so you could ask people in that thread to take a look at this topic and see if they have any ideas.

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I would just like to say thanks for the information you gave me and the FAQ link.
That helped me figure it out and get the job done.

In the end, it was a bad Z-wave switch and I upgraded to a z-wave plus switch.

Thanks again


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