Leviton Decora 3 Way Smart Switch Wiring Help


I have recently moved out of an apartment and into a house and I have been trying to set up the 3 way smart switch(es) that I used at my apartment.

I have a switching remote DD0SR that goes with the wall box with the Line hot connection (according to the instructions) and I have a DDS15 switch for the Load Box connection.

For the box with the line hot, there is a ground/green wire, a white/neutral wire, a black wire (hot), and a red wire.

For the load box, I have a ground/green wire, a white/neutral wire, a black wire, and a red wire. When the box with the line hot is connected to the 1st switch, the load box has a charge in the red wire, but not the black.

The only way I can get the lights to come on is by putting the black and red wires in the same terminals on both the hot box and the load box.

I’ve attached 1 picture that has 4 pictures combined (since new users can only attach 1 image here). Sorry it looks like a mess.

Any guidance is much appreciated.

According to the Leviton instructions:

BK is only for the line hot (black). You need a line hot running to both switches.
WH is only for the line neutral (white). You need a line neutral running to both switches.
YL/RD is only for the traveler (red). When disconnected from the switches the traveler (red) shouldn’t have any current flowing through it.
RD is on one switch only and is for the load hot (black). this line shouldn’t have any current when disconnected from the switch.

There should be more wires in your first or second box pictured for a standard wiring configuration (hard to see in pictures). There should be a main line 2/1 (black/white/green). The slave wire 3/1 (black/white/red/green) and the load 2/1 (black/white/green) in atleast one of the boxes. It’s hard to see if there are more wires or not from the picture.

I’m not an electrician and can’t provide detailed help beyond the instructions that Leviton has provided. I suggest you get a licensed electrician if you can’t identify the correct configuration needed for this DIY switch installation.

There are a few other posts if you search for 3-way configurations on this site that might help as well.