The routine of my dreams

(Glen King) #1

New user here. i have an android phone that I use as a wifi-only device. Using Tasker and sharptools, it is successfully engaging my wifi network when I return home and automatically running a routine for turning on lights etc.

I turn the phone off when I get home.

For me, the ‘presence’ problem I have read so much about would be solved if I could find some way for the system to automatically set the state of the phone to “not present” after it does those tasks. That would reset it for the next time that I come home.

Does anyone know whether this is possible?? And if so, how?


@joshua_lyon , the developer of SharpTools, is a grandmaster at working with Android and SmartThings, he might have a suggestion.

(Joshua Lyon ( Dashboard)) #3

Have you considered using a Virtual Presence (Simulated Presence Device) instead of your standard phone presence?

(Sander) #4

This would be my suggestion. Create a virtual dimmer with the “dim with me app” to control multiple lights, put a power allowance on it of a couple of minutes so it turns off without switching the actual lights off.

(Kevin Tierney) #5

What if you set up a virtual momentary button to trigger the routine? It’s how I get around IFTTT not supporting routines. The momentary button when turned on always returns right to off

So you would have your tasker task send a On command to the virtual button and use the app called Switch Activates Home Phrase which can be found under Lights and Switches to trigger your routine

(Glen King) #6

Thanks all, but I guess I wasn’t clear. I already created the virtual presence, and the lights are working as I’d like. I pull up in my car, get out, walk up to the door… And the appropriate lights come on. All without touching the phone, which is still in my pocket.

Kevin, are you saying that process could include a virtual button that sets itself? And that I can make VIRTUAL_PRESENCE = “Not Present” a default condition of my Home Mode, regardless of whether the device is present or not?

(Glen King) #7

I see a thing called ‘Pollster’ out there. Does it work with the new Smartthings system, and has anyone tried it relative to a virtual presence phone configuration?

(Glen King) #8

Update: Pollster does not poll wifi devices.
I’ll have to look into this a bit more.