Phone alarm clock as a trigger?

Hi, I have already integrated most of the stuff, unfortunately I still have a problem left. I previously used home asisstant and there I had a trigger set which was the alarm clock on my phone. How do you replicate this in SmartThings? I would like the corresponding automation to trigger when the alarm clock on the phone goes off. Do you have any ideas on how to do this?

Brand and model of your phone? It’s easier to do with some phones than others.

huawei p20 pro and realme gt master edition, in both android and google play

Tagging @joshua_lyon to check if is an option for this

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You could use Tasker to react to the alarm events on the phone and then either use the SharpTools Tasker plugins to control a SmartThings device or the Tasker HTTP action to call a Rule Engine rule.


If you have Google assistant linked to Smartthings and have the Google Clock app on your phone you can have an alarm trigger Google Assistant and any ST devices that show up in Google Assistant.

I use it to turn on lights and start my coffee when my morning alarm goes off.