Trigger Google Home routine using SmartThings 'I'm Back'?

Eh up all. I have SmartThings turning on a light when I get home (as long as it is after sunset), using my phone as the location trigger. Works beautifully, nice and simple. The light is a side-light, plugged into a SmartThings plug socket.
What I want to do now is to trigger a Google Home ‘routine’ when I get home. I’ve had a quick look to see if I can do this directly with Google Home, ditto IFTTT, but no luck.
So, three questions … Is it possible to trigger a Google Home routine using the SmartThings ‘I’m Back’ routine? If so, how? If not, does anyone have an alternative solution?

Thanks in advance. Tim

What are you trying to do with the GH routine that you can’t do directly with the ST routine?

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Officially, the only two ways to trigger a Google home routine at the present time are either by voice or at a specific scheduled time.

Unofficially, some people have created various workarounds using Tasker. Combine that with the third-party app “sharptools“ for SmartThings integration and you can probably get what you want, although the set up is pretty clunky.


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The closest I can find with Tasker is to use something like AutoInput to ‘type’ the command into Google Assistant in order to trigger the routine as if it was a voice command:

As JD mentioned, you can use SharpTools for Android as the glue between SmartThings and Tasker.

For this particular setup, you could have the SmartThings presence device trigger an event in Tasker using the SharpTools Thing State event plugin.

That being said, I would second @destructure00’s question. If it can be done natively in SmartThings that’s often a good first thing to check. :slight_smile:

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