Level smart lock

New form factor smart lock. Not a lot of info. Entire lock hides inside deadbolt. Preorder now. Got some funding from Wal-Mart


Very interesting, and pretty cool idea. I like how they fit everything inside the door. I can’t find any info on if it’s just wifi, and/or if it includes zwave/zigbee capabilities.

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I looked at the website and couldn’t figure that out either. The snippet captured above mentions Bluetooth.

Based on the size, I’m gonna guess that’s the only radio.

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Big money behind this…


It’s very cool if you don’t mind not having a keypad. And you have an iPhone.

It’s a Bluetooth HomeKit lock. No other integrations at present except with its own app. No WiFi: if you want remote operation, you have to use HomeKit.


Maybe it’s just me but, how do you recharge the batteries on that thing? Do you have to disassemble your lock every time for a charge?

Never mind the battery is in the lock plunger itself… not bad to replace, but I’d kinda want that part to be solid metal.


My thoughts exactly

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The website says one single CR2 battery.

Is one CR2 going to last long enough?

Can that work? My August lock takes 4 AA batteries and even with 4 AA batteries longevity is not great!

On the one hand it looks very very cool!

I sorta say this jokingly, but if I were to replace my August lock, I think I may have thrown out the inside thumb screw part of the lock because with August you do not need that part.

It’s a patented design using Bluetooth. I’m sure they were aiming for batteries to last a year, they should definitely last six months, but we may have to wait for field reviews to find out. :blush:

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anyone tried this yet? Is there any way to integrate it to SmartThings via HomeKit?

I came across this thread trying to determine if my Level Locks work with SmartThings. While I’ll keep looking for that particular answer, I’ll answer y’all’s questions:

We have two. I love them.

If you do not use Apple Homekit they only function within bluetooth range of your cell phone. With Apple Homekit they are accessible from the internet.

The battery compartment is easily accessible without dismantling anything. You just extend the deadbolt while the door is open and unscrew the cap.

You do need to chisel a bit of the door jam to make room for the larger unit but that’s trivial with or without experience.

I’m happy to provide video of ours if anyone is considering this and would like to see it in action.

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I also have one. Just got it this week. I had my local locksmith install it for me - about 30 minutes of his time; the alignment was tricky in my 90 year old door. He was impressed by the build quality. It really is a nice piece of equipment.

I’m happy with the Homekit integration for now. I suspect someone will figure out how to make it work with ST soon.

I bought one and it works great with my Apple phone.

That’s unlikely. There is no direct smartthings integration with other HomeKit locks like the Schlage Sense which have been out for two years now. Same with the Fibaro HomeKit sensors. HomeKit security intentionally locks things down pretty tight. :sunglasses: The manufacturer can choose to provide additional integration options, as August has, but if they don’t then it’s just not going to work with smartthings at this time.

You can use Homebridge to integrate your smartthings devices into HomeKit And create some partial integration that way, but it doesn’t bring your HomeKit devices into smartthings, it’s going the other direction.

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