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(Ben Edwards) #1

Lockitron, Schlage, and more…

(Chrisb) #2

What do others think re: Dead Bolt vs. Door Handle lock?

Here’s what I’m thinking.  My wife is much more low-tech than I am.  She doesn’t have a smart phone or tablet, and really won’t have the same passion to ‘wire’ things like I have.  To this end I need to be aware how my changes to our home will effect the ‘low tech’ side of life.

Right now we don’t have a dead bolt on our door.  I can easily add on, but if my wife doesn’t use it, it sorta loses it’s value.  The problem is, right now when we leave the house we simple turn the lock on the handle, and pull the door close behind us.  If I add a “SmartDeadbolt”, it won’t be a huge deal for me, I can lock it from my smartphone.  My wife, on the other hand, would have to stop, insert her key, turn it, then pull out her key.  Granted, that’s not a HUGE thing, but considering she doesn’t have to do that right now, she wouldn’t be keen on the idea of having to do it when there is a much simpler way of locking the door.

And if she’s using the manual lock on the door handle, it sorta ruins the value of having the electronic lock controlled via SmartThings as I can’t tell if the door is locked or not with via the SmartApp, nor can I unlock it remotely.

One possible solution for the deadbolt would be to have a button on the OUTSIDE part of the lock… that is, a button accessible from outside of the house when the door is closed.  The function of this button would be solely to lock, never unlock, the door.

(Jim L) #3

I am hoping they support all the z-wave locks out of the box.  I have already invested in kwikset z-wave deadbolt locks and I don’t plan on changing them out.

(Caleb) #4

Yale…I do hope to see Yale NFC lock soon…
only trust in Yale :p?
Or what else is nice?

(Donald Kirker) #5

I pre-ordered one of Lockitron’s new locks. They won’t be shipping until March 2013, it seems. Once I get one, I will be looking to see how to work it into SmartThings, if a way has not already been discovered.

(Eric Schuld) #6

I looked at the Lockitron - looks like a great option for apartments/rental property as you don’t need to screw into the door or change anything on the physical property - I’m hoping they let us know which existing retail options will work soon! I am replacing the lock in my front door and want to be 100% sure I get one that will work out of the gate!

(Moose Quest) #7

From what I understand, SmartThings will be able to work with Zigbee and Z-Wave door locks. The scenario @chrisb presented can be easily solved by using a Deadbolt with Z-Wave or Zigbee that also has a code panel on the outside. Solutions like Lockitron are nice when you only need to add the functionality of automatic door lock. The convenience of having the ability to do automated, remote and local electronic ingress and egress is a much better choice I believe.

For your wife, she then can enter and leave without a key (most automated deadbolts have latches instead of keys), and use the code for entering.

(Chrisb) #8

@Kristerpher, wouldn’t the wife still have to stop and punch in the code to lock the door behind her?  Again, just like using the key this isn’t a terrible complex or time consuming activity, but when you’re used to simply pulling the door shut, having to do something else is going to be met with resistance.

(Formix) #9

No, she wouldn’t.  Most of these have an auto lock after 30 sec feature.

(Jason) #10

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to connect to the Schlage Deadbolt:
I found this note about someone using it with a Mi Casa Verde system. According to them, "The Z-wave network has to support ‘secure’ devices and it has to be able to do so while maintaining the integrity of the other Z-wave devices"

Can’t wait to see the list of certified devices on this site soon.

(Gray) #11

I’m also really looking forward to that list of certified devices, so I can start obtaining some.


I looked at that Schlage deadbolt, but this Yale one has the advantage that it can actually turn the deadbolt remotely:

With the Schlage one, someone has to be at the door to lock or unlock it.

(Brianh) #12

I am also interested in finding out more about door locks. We are in the process of building a house so I am trying to line up what kind of door locks I need to get. I am already getting two Lockitrons for my current house. I like the NFC capabilities. Many of the door locks say they work with a particular web based service. I’d like to know if these will work with Smart Things.

Also, I would love to see a garage door opener that could be controlled with a Smart Thing. I think this would be an easy addition. I would build one if I had the time. It would be nice to be down the road and open the garage door or be able to open the door for someone else. Also, another subject… I have a code panel outside both of my doors. I would like to see a panel with NFC so when someone comes over or my kids come home from school they can just swipe their phones.


(Andrew Urman) #13

Hey Brianh,

A quick note, if you’ve seen our TechCrunch video from CES 2013, do it! For that particular garage door I used an Evolve LFM-20 Relay. It’s a little overkill for the use, but it worked extremely well. I’m sure there are plenty others that will work as well.

(Cory S) #14

Hey Andrew, what are you thoughts on lockitron? Do you feel it will be able to integrate well into the smartthings library?

(Surety Partners Inc ) #15

@Gray:  I actually prefer the Schlage lock for the very reason that it does not power the deadbolt.

Powering the deadbolt requires more energy which translates into shorter battery life or the need for a wired power connection.

Additionally, my experience with power deadbolts has been they do not deal well with changes to the door alignment (like -30C in winter) and, as a result, they bind sufficiently that they do not power open or, worse, closed.



(Andrew Urman) #16

Our Z-Wave developer is working on a Schlage lock right now. Like right RIGHT now. He says hi. So far it is working swimmingly! As far as Lockitron, we won’t be able to support Wi-Fi IP devices at launch. This means SmartThings won’t be able to control Lockitron directly, BUT with Lockitron’s API, a developer could make the open SmartThings API talk to Lockitron’s API.

I haven’t had a chance to look at Lockitron’s full API details, but they are available here:

From a quick glance, it seems like it will be pretty standard. Gotta love API’s!

(Joel) #17

Thanks for the heads up on this Andrew. So once the app has been made in smartthings… it would work the same as if it was supported out of the box right?

As in an app in smartthings can work seamlessly with other apps in smarthings? i.e scenes, voice control etc…


If not, when would you be able to support WIFI Ip devices? 3 months after launch? Or never?


Thank you



(Joel) #18

I’m hoping the chance of someone making a lockitron app in smartthings is high…

(Andrew Urman) #19

Yup API apps could look however you want them too really. You could use any of our built in graphics (which look amazing right now) or upload your own picture eventually. Whoever develops the app could make the tile look whatever and however they’d like. SmartApps that others develop will be approved by us before it can go global to make sure there is no dangerous or conflicting issues.

Hard to say when control for IP devices will come. Will they come ever? Oh ya! We would like to have it ready by non-kickstarter launch or shortly after. Our main focus is ensuring our current setup is rock solid for launch.

(Joel) #20

Thanks for that Andrew. So the look is sorted, but what about how it works? Will new apps that control unique hardware work ok with other apps in smartthings that control scenes for example? You know, like using the ubi for voice control “Secure house” would lock the front door using lockitron. Sorry if i’ve misunderstood your answer.