Lennox S30

I am stuck trying to integrate in a Lennox S30 into SmartThings!

I recently was forced into a Lennox S30 for my home thermostat after my Lennox iComfort WiFi broke. I had multiple pistons in webcore that interfaced to the iComfort WiFi and performed the following actions: setting the cooling point to a set temp, setting the heating point to a set temp, turning off away mode, and turning on away mode. I now need to figure out how to do that on an S30. From my research it appears that the Lennox S30 can’t connect with SmartThings directly. My thoughts on a solution/attempts are the following:

1.) S30<–>IFTTT<–>Webcore = Allows me to increase and decrease temperatures, but I can’t set a specific temperature. (I thought I found a way around this by decreasing the temperatures by 100+ degrees so it would bottom out at 60 degrees (lowest allow) then increase by an amount to hit a desired temp - did not work as the decrease temp works on the cooling point and the increase temp works only on the heating point.

2.) S30<–>Alexa<–>Webcore = I thought maybe using Echo Speaks I could set something up. I think two issues come up however. Webcore to Alexa is not great, and I can’t seem to individual set heating and cooling points within Alexa.

3.) S30<–>Home Kit<–>Home Assistant<–>SmartThings. This should work but I have not tried to get it all setup yet. The problem I have is the SmartThings appears to only go to Home Assistant, but not BACK. My Pistons (If they are in full control) should have a pretty good guess as to what the temperature is set to, so I am thinking that I could create some variables in Webcore and I ASSUME that Home Assistant coudl see them (variables would be for heating point/cooling point/away/home). The home assistant could set them for me. I have NO idea if this would as I just installed Home Assistant today to start playing around with. This method seems like a LOT of work and multiple steps that could break.

IS there an easier way to do this? Does anyone have Lennox S30 working?

I think @kennedydc Had this working in [RELEASE] Lennox iComfort Thermostat using homebridge but there were no details so I was unable to figure out how (put does confirm there is a solution!)

@kewashi I saw that you were also looking into this - any advice?

Hey there … I have the same situation as billy and tried for two years all the same options. I even tried using an Ecobee which worked in the winter but nothing the summer.

I got close with having the native ST voice notification speak to Alexa but it refuses to say the word Alexa and then continue. Some internal hack must be there to drop the voice out after the word Alexa is spoken.

I have the S30 integrated into Homebridge, Google Home, and Alexa so I can write automations on any of those platforms. There is no trigger in Alexa for mode or door contacts or locks so this isn’t ideal. Apple HomeKit is better so I use this. Haven’t explored doing it on Google side.

Finally the best solution I found was I bought a Google home speaker and set it in my office so I can have ST say “hey Google set the thermostat to 72” and that always works and the volume doesn’t drop out like when the word Alexa is spoken. It can also increase or decrease or change modes.

This is all messy as hell but it works. I sure wish they would just make a native integration. Perhaps the more modern API of the new platform will help make this happen. They had zero interest in making a Groovy integration because they knew it would go away.

Edit: Just tried adding automation to HomeKit tied to my mode activating virtual switches and it works beautifully. This is now my favorite way to set temp values specifically on the S30.

Hope that helps.

@kewashi Thanks for the reply. Happy to hear that virtual switches tied to homekit works. I assume that means Virtual switches in SmartThings (that can be controlled in WebCore) but are viewable to homekit?

I feel pretty comfortable with SmartThings and Webcore and I use multiple virtual switches already, however could you point me in the right direction or give me a little bit more detail on getting the homekit piece up and running and tied into SmartThings and the S30? I am lost on that side of the battle.

Sure, first the easy part. Start by connecting your S30 to HomeKit, the directions for how to do that are part of the icomfort setup page. You will find an icon in the settings page on the thermostat for connecting it to HomeKit. Once this is done then HomeKit will be able to control your thermostat.

Now the hard part is to get SmartThings to talk to HomeKit so a ST virtual switch can be used as a trigger in a HomeKit automation. To do this you need to get HomeBridge written by @tonesto7 installed and working. There is a long and detailed thread for how to do this on this forum or you can go straight to the HomeBridge GitHub page by tonesto7 here:

Then make a virtual switch to change modes and use that as a trigger to activate your HomeKit automation. I haven’t tried making a virtual thermostat but I see no reason that wouldn’t work too.