Amazon Echo soon will control thermostats natively

It’s official with the release on Friday for Ecobee as the first directly connected thermostat. Any idea when ST will update their Alexa connection to include native thermostat control? It should be possible now that Amazon has the feature set.

@slagle, @jody.albritton and @juano2310 any insight? Sorry if I didn’t get the right folks…

It’s close. We submitted to Amazon for review.


Any update Tim? Looks like Wink got their version through.

Should be live already.


When I go to the Amazon Website here:

it seems to imply that currently only the Honeywell Lyric thermostats are compatible with ST. Am I reading that correctly and will that be changing anytime soon (I am about to plunk down on two thermostats).

Our Echo Thermostat integration will work with all SmartThings compatible thermostats. The Lyric was specifically featured by Amazon.

So, if you have a community written (nest) device it should work with Alexa?

Yup! I haven’t tested it with a Nest yet but the Echo integration looks for devices with the thermostat capability.

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Matt @keltymd and I have tried our t-stats all morning. Nice job guys!!!


Well I’ll be…Just looked and it is there…have to play with it.

What a day for echo.

Possibly dumb question: Does this work with 2 Nests?

or for that matter, any two theromostats? I have an upstairs and a downstairs and I would like to be able to control both.

Yea, I just added my two thermostats, no problem.

Does it recognize them by name? For example, would I need to say “Alexa, set the Downstairs Nest to 72” if the device is named “Downstairs Nest”?

I have two Centralite Thermostats. One upstairs, one downstairs. I just added my downstairs thermostat.

Me: Alexa, set thermostat to 70 degrees.

Alexa: Setting downstairs thermostat heat to 70 degrees.

I guess I’ll add upstairs too.

I’m lovin’ this!!!

Those of you who have this working with Nest…which community created device type are you using? Alexa isn’t discovering my thermostats.

Let me know how this goes… My real question is what happens if you say “Alexa, raise the temperature by two degrees”. What will she do? Ask to clarify where?


Me: “Alexa, raise the temperature by two degrees.”

Alexa: “I’m sorry. Which device did you mean?”

Me: “Upstairs.”

Alexa: “Setting upstairs thermostat heat to 70” (It was at 68)

Yup, I’m lovin’ this.

If this works with the Centralite, it should work with any connected thermostat. IMHO

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