LED on GE Switches with Hub V3 (2018)

I just replaced my v2 Hub with the new v3 Hub. I’ve added all my devices back in and everything is working great.

What I am not finding is the ability to configure the Blue LED on GE Switches to be either On when the Lights are On, Off when the Lights are On, or Off all the time.

Does anyone know how I can configure this with the new v3 (2018) Hub?


The same way you did with V2. Device settings in the classic app.

That’s right. Has nothing to do with the 2018 Hub (which I won’t call v3 since it really is v2 lite). It is the new app vs the classic app.

Yep - that did it. Thanks for the tip.

For what it’s worth (in case others happen to read this), my experience has been much better on the new 2018 hub than my previous v2 hub. My hub had been acting flakey - having to push buttons twice, long delays between button pushes and actions, devices going missing, etc…

Which is why I purchased the new hub. It’s still early, but what I’ve noticed so far is that devices exclude/include much faster and always on the first try, and so far my devices are responding very quickly.

I’ve read the reviews that suggest the new 2018 hub is not much of an upgrade and not worth getting. I guess that may end up being true, or maybe there was something wrong with my old v2. But so far I’m glad I got the new one.

Anyway - thanks for your help in getting the LEDs configured.