Issues after migration to new hub

I’ve migrated from the original smart things hub to the version 3.

I’ve added my switches, but the new smart things app no longer has a way to turn the indicator lights for my GE switches to ON while the light is OFF. The default when readded is indicator ON when switch is ON.

This was an easy change in the last app. I logged into the smartthings site to see if I could easily edit it there, but can’t figure out how to make this simple change.

How can I make this change with the new hub and new app?

For now… Just bring up the Classic App; your Devices will still show up there and can be controlled and configured there.

Heck… keep using Classic indefinitely. The new App was only required to “join / activate” your new Hub.


You should still be able to log into the classic app to do this.

Terry beat me to it