GE Dimmers and Switches No longer can turn off LED?

I just noticed the other day that all of my dimmers and switches have the blue LEDs on again. I know there was a setting in the app to adjust when the LED was on. So I go into the app to change the setting and the option to change the behavior is missing. I have not changed the device type, but my Dimmers are now “Zwave Dimmer” and my Switches are “zwave Switch” I tried changing to a few different options, but none of them had the option to set the LED Status. I don’t know how long its been this way, but seems fairly recent. Has anyone else seen this behavior.

It was moved under the gear icon in the device handler.

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Thank you so much, was driving me crazy! ha ha

At first I thought it was stupid, but in reality it is something you rarely change. It makes sense to have it under the gear.