Blue LED on my GE switches spontaneously changed

So about 1/3 of my GE switches (some dimmer as well) had the blue LED change it’s behavior all on the same day. They switched from being “on when switch is off” to “on when on”

Anyone seen this? Caused by hub upgrade?

If you check the first bug reports in the community – created wiki, you’ll see this has happened twice in the last few months, starting in January. It happens when they make a change to the stock device handler. They made this change in error once and then they pushed out a change to fix it, so people saw the light behavior happen twice. It also seemed that there was an issue with the local copy of the device handler versus the cloud copy.

Assuming you’re using the stock device handler, report it to support. If you’re using a custom device handler, check with the author of that device handler, maybe they made the change.

This just happened to all of my GE switches and I am using the stock DH with a V1 hub. Can’t say I care one way or the other, but the wife sure was confused.


I noticed this on my v1 hub yesterday but too lazy to try and change it back lol.

Please make sure you report this to support. They need to improve their quality control on these changes.

Yep… I thought I saw this a day or two ago, but really was positive about an hour ago. I have a bank of four GE switches and 2 of them suddenly were different from the others.

I’ll report it to support as well.

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One of my switches did this. I have them all set to to have the blue led lit when off. One of them reversed. Now on that witch, the only way to get it to light blu when off is to set it to NEVER in the app. This has ruined my life! Not really…

Happened to me a couple of times over the months as well. I have 3 out of +40 that the blue LED light doesn’t work at all. I wonder can I get it replaced… Bought mostly from Amazon over the last 7 months.

This too happened to me several times over the past week. Only causes me issues with the basement and attic lights since I use the indicator to tell if those are on. Still probably about the least annoying issue going on right now.

Happened to me as well on 1 switch. I will report it to support now.

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I have two houses and each of them had some (but strangely, not all) of the blue lights turn off or on when they were off previously…seems to be attached (at least for me) with the last hub firmware update.

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It’s very annoying.

I had this happen a few weeks back but lately mine have been behaving. I’ll report in here and to Support if I see a new occurrence.

I wandered out to the forums today to start a thread stating this… looks like someone beat me to it. My dozen or two GE switches did this as well. It seemed to start at the same time one of my dimmers got drunk and fell off the zwave network. It was such fun to remove it from a dozen SmartApps to get it back on the wagon…

Yep, me too. All of mine have flipped. Noticed it on one yesterday and looked at the rest after seeing this thread.

I have one that took me a long time to get the LED correct, and now it won’t even come on. I have tried everything.

Something is up tonight as I’ve had a few other issues popping-up when I’ve otherwise been rock solid for weeks. CoRE pistons were acting-up about an hour ago, had a motion sensor stop working. Gotta love it.

All of mine corrected themselves by going into the settings of each and then just pressing DONE. No other Smart lighting or Core issues that I know of.


Support got back to me. Sounds like it is a known issue. My opinion is they should send out an email stating this, but that’s just me.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for reaching out to us on this. This is a one time issue is related to our most recent firmware update that reverted LED indicators on switches back to their default settings. If you would like to correct this issue, simply tap the name of the device in your SmartThings app, tap the white gear icon, and then tap the option for the desired behavior of the LED light. After tapping done, the LED indicator will take on the desired setting.


Support Engineer- Samsung SmartThings


Happened to me too