Leak sensor only sending one notification

I have a ST812 Everspring water sensor and I am only getting one push notification on initial “wet”. Drying the sensor and putting back to wet will send the initial push notification. In the past push notifications used to come every hour till the sensor was dry. Is this a new change that everyone is dealing with? I really want the sensor to yell at me continuously until I address the issue.

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in the classic app, the old SHM would send hourly notifications until you dismissed the alert.

if i remember correctly, the new app only sends a notification once but you still need to dismiss the alert in the app. until you dismiss, you will see that little red alert message.

Know if there is anyway to have it act like the old app? There was water in my basement for 4 days because I missed one notification and happened to check the app.

one option off the top of my head is to create a piston in webcore that repeats the notifications but not exactly sure on tHe logistics of stopping it.

i don’t believe automations in the ST app have the ability to repeat.

others on tHe forum may have better ideas on how to accomplish the task you seek.

wait, i do remember @jdroberts has a thread on repeat notifications

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Not exactly, there’s a community FAQ on how to get notifications when something has been left open for a while, but that’s a whole different use case.

FAQ: Get a Notification if Something is Left On, Open, or Unlocked for X Minutes (2020)

I suspect, but don’t know for sure, that there might be something in the @rboy library that will do repeated notifications.


tagging @RBoy (you’re missing a space in your thread) :slight_smile:


Thanks! Dictation just doesn’t work well with @ signs, I have to keep going back to put them in and then I don’t get the spacing right. :disappointed_relieved: (this is why I save the posts with a lot of name references for Tuesdays when Mark is here. LOL!)

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Yes JD. This app can do both repeat and delayed notifications amongst other notification features


Since I brought it up first, I should mention that rboy apps are behind a pay wall, you pay a one time lifetime subscription and then you get access to all the code there. It’s very popular and there are a lot of very sophisticated solutions. If you aren’t comfortable with paying for code, you could eventually write your own versions of all of these, but it would take a lot of time and research which is, in my opinion, worth paying for. But obviously that’s a personal choice. (I have no connection with the site or company other than having been impressed with it over the years. :sunglasses:)