Leak notifications not going to phone

Currently I have a Z-Wave water leak detector that is detecting water and showing in the new smartthigns app, yet I am getting zero notifications for it. My basement was wet for 4 days till I noticed. In the old smartthing classic I would have gotten a notification every hour. Currently I am getting zero notifications. Additionally, I have also even set up an additional automation to text my phone number if a leak is detected. This is pretty important to me. Everything else is secondary. Halp?
ST812 Everspring is the sensor. It is working so I don’t think that the model is relevant.

Resolved. Why I had to do this, I have no idea… but I had to remove and re install SHM. Possibly smartthings hosed up something during the transition? Shocking I know. No wonder there are so many people ditching this thing. argh.