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Laundry monitor app parameters?

(Bob5731) #1

I have laundry monitor better laundry monitor. what numbers do I return to the app?


(Ben Erkens ) #2

Don’t know if it’s the same app:

15 (Watt) for start/on/above and 4 (Watt) for stop/off/below.

I measure the power with a powerplug (Neo CoolCam zwave).


(Bob Kerr) #3

There are a few versions of this out in the wild. Like @benerkens said, is hard to know which one you have installed. Can you post a screenshot?

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(Bob5731) #4

Here’s some screenshots you requested.

I also put a copy some of the log how the power rating.


(Bob Kerr) #5

Ok, the numbers depend on your washer. Unfortunately you will need to observe the cycle and possibly adjust it over a few runs. My washer, for example drops below 3W for about 3 minutes during the normal cycle, so I have it as:

Cycle starts at over 10W
Cycle stops below 3W

Minimum amount below wattage = 5 minutes *

  • It never drops below 3W for more than 5 minutes unless the cycle stopped.

I use a variation of the app you’ve installed.

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(Bob5731) #6

I will post the logs next time I do another load of laundry if you guys can help me I would appreciate it. I’m not good at this stuff


(Bob Kerr) #7

In your screenshot, last entry was at 4.3 W, what happened after that? Did it go up again or stayed the same?


(Kevin) #8

I am using a HEM in my circuit breaker box and WebCoRE directly. I really need to chart a couple cycles and figure out the best logic because Alexa is getting on my nerves saying the laundry finished 5 times during every load.


(Bob Kerr) #9

Yeah, you can do this in webcore but you might find it easier to do it with a specialized app. There are several floating around and some actually work well lol


(Bob5731) #10

What is the best app to do this.