Smartpower plug power alert

Is it possible to receive a push notification when the connected load to a Smartpower plug drops below a threshold?

I’d like to get a notification when my washing machine turns itself off at the end of a cycle, and monitoring the connected load seems more elegant than using a vibration sensor (plus, my crazy HE washer vibrates quite differently depending on cycle).


+1 with a delay, that would be a smarterthing

I’m using a custom device type and app for the Aeon Switch for this exact purpose.

This has long since been resolved. It was an issue with SmartThings.

@allison I think some wires got crossed. I was giving @NorCalLights info about the device type and app.

Ah. No worries.

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Thanks all. It’s working flawlessly now with that app and the stock device type for the Smartpower plug. I had to tweak a the low wattage variable from == 0 to < 2 because there is some drift in the readings from the plug. All good now.

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