Launched Kick Starter for a WiFi Remote for SmartThings

After reading through all the feedback and finishing our alpha testing we have just finished launching our kick starter. Our project is called Remotsy and allows you to get remote control of your home by automating your remote control commands. By connectiong with SmartThings it gives you access to bundle activities with your smart home devices. So now when you want to set up a room to watch TV, the lights, TV, Blu-ray and sound system will be controlled simultaneously. We have also added a beta program for Remotsy. This program will give you faster access to our Remotsy Innovator’s Edition months ahead of release to the general public.

Kick Starter

If you guys have any question don’t hesitate to ask, and thanks a lot for all the support guys.



Can you talk more about the SmartThings Integration? Specifically will I be able to execute commands from SmartThings to remotsy instead of Alexa to Remotsy? Is that anot April launch feature?

Basically I want to do…

SmartThings --》Remotsy versus Remotsy --》SmartThings

Can you talk more about the SmartThings Integration? We created a rest API that supports oauth2. We have 2 integrations 1 for SmartThings which is client side and 1 that is server size which is more for Alexa. The client side permits you to control the remotes created on the website. This then give you switch capacity within SmartThings.

Specifically will I be able to execute commands from SmartThings to remotsy instead of Alexa to Remotsy? Yes, Alexa is not required for this to work. By the same logic SmartThings is also not required as it can be controlled directly from the website or app that we will delivering in our full release data.

Is that anot April launch feature? Nope that feature is for the beta program.

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask.

@Jack_Garcia There are a software solution develop at the this forum can j64Harmony - Amazon Echo + Harmony Hub and the Mac/ Windows server to do the same function as describe in your projects, I have implement that, but I face the issue after I swap my remote function of TV from TV itself to the SetTop box, You may take a look

@mitchell_lu66 Can you share a little more on your issue. It seems like you can’t change your input? Also what TV ans SetTop Box are you using?

I’m in… can’t wait to get one.

Can these turn on and off other IR device? like fans and portable heaters?

@cuboy29 we plan to add support for fans but I most admit you got me on the portable heater. I am keep an eye out for a database for those heaters. Luckily we have a solution that wont rely on our database. We have added a receiver to the back of the Remotsy which when used with out website wizard can add unique remotes to your setup. That way you don’t have to wait for us to find the codes. Also thanks for the support I am glad you share my excitement to make this a success.

@Jack_Garcia, My issue is when I swap the TV (Original TV Tunner which is the Cable TV) to SetTop (which is Digital TV with new Remote Controller), Nothing change at my mac mini and SmartThings(API, SmartThing App), I just need to ask the J64Harmony WebService setup to use my new SetTop box as the TV input, and my LogicTech Harmony actually already have capable to switch the channel with my LogicTech Harmony remote controller for new SetTop Box. but When I use Amazon Echo or the WebApp to switch the Channel, It will duplicate the first digit or last digit depend on how you setup the delay, for example, HBO in my country is 65, but When I say Alexa, Turn on HBO, It will become 655(last digit repeat), or If I do some modification at setup delay become -1, then it will become 66,(first digit repeat). I have look around the code of j64Harmony, and I can not find the way to resolve it… It used to be work at my Sony TV remote controller, but now fail at SetTop Box controller. The volume up/down, channel up/down are all OK, but just the repeat digit bother me for a while.
Sony TV is Bravia KDL-46HX75A
SetupBox is KBRO DVB-2012C2

If you have SmartThings, logictech harmony , mac min or Windows PC, you may follow the forum to see if you can make it work

@mitchell_lu66 that sounds similar to an issue we faced during our alpha testing. I believe your issue is with Alexa recognizing your voice. We added a logger to our website that tracks the voice commands it heard. I would recommend you try a single digit channel like “7”. Then you will be able to tell if the issue is Alexa or your configuration.

Hi ! Jack

It is not the Alexa or LogicTech Harmony problem .it is the j64Harmony
running at Mac mini while I say Alexa,“turn on HBO”. As I define the HBO is
channel 65 so the j64Harmony code will translate HBO to 65 and j64Harmony
will pass 65 to LogicTech Harmony just like we press 65 in the remote.but
this time it is deliver through Mac min to harmony. But somehow it will
duplicate the first digit or last digit of never go 65 but 66 or 655
I also told you it was work while the TV is use Sony TV and remote is Sony
TV but it fail when I transfer to setTop box. I am looking the help from
j64Harmony author but he did not response. If you are familiar with the
code of j64Harmony and you may provide some advis
The suggestion is also that you may can try to build this structure on your
own and at the same may find the simple solution as you will see
the RASPBERRY PI could be used as I am using the Mac mini as the interface.
The hardware is cheap and software is open source you just need to
integrated both

I’m actually building a custom solution for this exact thing right now. I’m using the ESP-01 package and my software isn’t as advance (only has hard-coded IR codes and REST commands). What type of range have you been able to get? How are you handling IR learning?

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@mitchell_lu66 at this I’m not sure what could be the issue with your setup. Fortunately I don’t have that issue when using my Remotsy. You can also add custom activities like turn on HBO to your list. I currently use watch Netflix and watch Hulu every day or so.

@blebson we built a web wizard that allows users to enter a template remote or a remote from scratch using our receiver on the Remotsy. As for the range we have never tested it to maximum, but we were able to turn on a TV we placed outside while grilling.


I am looking to join your beta at an upper level. I have a few questions for you.

  1. Is it WiFi or Ethernet or both? If Ethernet, does it have PoE?
    1. Why PoE is important is we have rooms where if I have to place this a ways back from the IR toys it would be easier to mount it up to the ceiling with single Ethernet connection.
  2. How wide of angle (up/down left/right) are the emitters?
    1. We have two setups on Kanto carts and I would want to put the device on the cart with the TV / AppleTV / TiVo Mini / (PlayStation 4 / XBOX One) / SoundBar. This entire kit has a CyberPower 1000VA UPS
    2. The idea would be to send commands to a specific rig without triggering the rig right beside it when we move then to the same room for competition play or multi-screen watching of an event.
  3. Can external device targeted blasters be plugged in to deal with items in cabinets or closets on shelves?
  4. Can it control the TiVo Roamio / Mini?
  5. Can it control the AppleTV 3/4?

@sdjernes great question answers below
1.) Just WiFi
2.) The emitters are 60 degrees, we found stronger bounce on signals from using 60 instead of 120. So we opted for 4 60 degree emitters. We found that 2 was not enough for when people wanted to place it behind the TV.
2a.) very nice setup I would be interested on the size of the room this is setup in.
2b.) since we decided to go with a very powerful setup of emitter the side effect may be that it reaches items within close proximity. If your setup is in a very large room then you may be able to get this to work. I may have to go to a sports bar to see if I can get a single setup to turn off.
3.) Great idea. I must admit this is not a use case we had seen before. This is definitely something that we will have to look into.
4.) We have extensive support for TiVo devices. If for some reason this device is not fully support there will be a receiver to add your remotes.
5.) Same goes for AppleTV we had one user in our alpha group test that we did indeed support AppleTV properly.

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Everyday I am very impressed with the genuine interest of knowledgeable members of this community. I would like to take a second to thank everyone who has supported us so far in the forum and the kick starter.

The Remotsy Team


Hi ! Jack
I run out my 6 activity already . Though the Channel switch gave repeat
issue I still can do something like channel up/down .volume up down .mute…

What do you mean by ran out of activities? If there is some limit, I missed it.

I would think the scripts would only be limited by a complexity factor.

@mitchell_lu66 I don’t really have much experience with you current harmony setup. It might just be a bug with the harmony protocol for alexa.

@sdjernes she is talking about her current harmony setup that is limited to 6 activities. Unlike corporate solutions for this need we will not nickel and dime users with restrictions on activities and other such items.

@Jack_Garcia I am very interested in this product as well. I am debating jumping on the kickstarter but had some questions.

  1. How is this different then the Logitech Harmony home hub device? They seem very similar and I am just curious if this has functionality that Harmony does not. I hope I am not offending you when making this comparison, but it seems like the obvious one to make.
  2. Will this work with network devices like Roku and Sonos that do not use IR remotes?
  3. Will this allow for more voice control then current options have such as Alexa, tell Remotsy to pause, play, change volume, etc.?
  4. Finally, can you somehow pair a remote with this device in order to still use a physical remote control to operate the entertainment system or how does that work exactly?

Full disclosure, I currently have a harmony home device and I am moderately happy with it. I have several other TV’s in my home and would like to have a similar setup but for the cost and somewhat mediocre performance of the harmony’s I am reluctant to go that route. It sounds like this could be perfect but I am not certain yet. I appreciate an additional info you can provide. Thanks!

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