Setting up a 24 hour live broadcast need advice. (Remotsy)

Hey guys we are on the final days of our Kickstarter and wanted to do a live 24 hour broadcast of Remotsy in action. Our current plan includes the following setup. A live broadcast of a TV and Blu-ray that can be turned off via the website we designed for this project. We will also open our API partially for those of you that would like to try and break our TV :smile:. This will also include a small app(not main plugin) that you can add to the SmartThings app and turn off our TV from there. In addition to all of this you will also be able to trigger audio to tell Remotsy to do actions via voice control to an Alexa. We plan to run this site starting on Sunday and would like to add any recommendation you guys would like to see.

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Thanks for the help in advance.


@anon36505037 thanks for the support. Is there anything you would like for us to show on our live broadcast?

I backed this when I first saw it on the forums here. Hoping you get over the threshold.
I’m hoping to use mine for a Holmes fan and a cheap IR lightstrip I bought (both are Harmony compatible, but the fan is added as an entertainment device which makes it a pain to use in Harmony since I don’t want it on everytime my TV is on).

I’m considering adding the lightstrip to wrap around my living room windows so it can be set different colors based on my Google Calendar triggers (I have calendars for different sports teams, so I would have it light up in a team color when that virtual switch is on).

@diehllane thanks for the help we are glad to get everything we can since we are so close. It also seems like you need a way to separate commands into individual calls which you can with Remotsy. As for your LED idea I hope you don’t mind if I do something similar to that. I recently installed lights under my cabinets for the wife. To be able to do this you will have to use our receiver in the back of the device to add the generic remote from the LED strip into your devices.

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