Anymote and SmartThings

I see anymote app has come out in the uk for Alexa.
I’ve installed it and I’m able to turn my TVs off from the app over wifi, has anyone been able to hook this up to SmartThings so it can be used as part of an automation?


Not until Smartthing turns on bluetooth or possibly when Anymote gets something going with IFTTT. I received one for Christmas, and I would love to tie it in to my hub. I would earn some major points with the wife if I had a macro that turned on the lamp, tv, cable box and set the tv to her morning news.

I have a phone with an IR blaster built in. There’s a version of the program called Smart IR Remote, and it works with Tasker. This allows it, via sharptools, to be part of any ST automation you wish.

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Anymote has Tasker integration, so as @Glen_King mentioned, you should be able to tie your SmartThings and Anymote together.

For example, you could create a virtual switch for your TV in SmartThings and subscribe to the switch attribute in SharpTools. Then whenever the on or off events are received via the SharpTools Thing State event plugin, you could have Tasker forward those messages on to your TV via Anymote.