Start App like YouTube on my TV via SmartThings?


I want to start an App like YouTube or Waipu on my TV. I already can control my volume, switch on off tv, etc.

Is this even possible?

I suppose it depends on a number of things. There’s a Smartthings Edge driver for my tv, so I can send IRCC commands directly. One of those IRCC commands is YouTube.
I also route Alexa voice requests thru it, which is awesome. Additionally my tv can take direct SOAP format commands, so I can make direct commands from any device on the same subnet that will allow me to create those commands.
So check your tv’s online documentation and user groups to see what they are doing.

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How are you controlling the volume etc.?


I can control it via the volumeup command: Production Capabilities | Developer Documentation | SmartThings

But I dont find the option to start app. Homeassistent can do this, but I cant find it in the API


We can auto run the last app but don’t think you can automate this through TV settings. I use switchbot mini hub (has IR blaster capability, mimic the TV remote, open the app and allows you to write routines) to open Netflix every night so if you are ok to invest in this, then this can be a solution. If not, you need to purchase Harmony hub which also has IR blaster capability to mimic your remote and open the youtube app.

The Harmony hub was discontinued by logitech and is now only available used.

The switchbot hubs do have some integration with smartthings via scenes.

Or you may be able to use Alexa Routines. Some Samsung televisions have Alexa built in, but I don’t know if the Routines method works with those. Otherwise you would need to buy an Alexa Fire TV to act as the IR blaster.

Another option might be Chromecast, but I don’t know the details on that. :thinking:

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Thanks for the message on Harmony hub @JDRoberts, didn’t know that.

@markymark1 - This probably leaves you with Switchbot scenes which is what I use (works perfectly) if Alexa routines is not an option for your TV. One factor you may want to take into account before investing on switchbot hub or Alexa Fire TV, is whether you want to automate blinds, curtains, buy motion sensors, smart locks etc. in future in which case investing on switchbot hub may be a sensible option. You may want to go to their website and take a look at their products before deciding

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