Android Mobile Presence Issue

I’m having issues with my mobile presence recognizing I’m home/away from time to time. I have a SmartApp set to change our mode based on whether we’re home or away and another SmartApp that turns our security on/off based on our mode. This is a problem because we sometimes trip our alarm when we get home and SmarthThings doesn’t “pick up” our arrival quick enough. Today we had an even more bizarre issue, I realized I didn’t get a mode change notification when we left the house this morning. When I opened the SmarthThings app I realized it was because it somehow still thought my wife was home…she’s been miles away all day and it still has her listed as being home. Any ideas how to fix this and hopefully make sure it won’t happen again.

Welcome to the club! All kidding aside, I have the same issue with all 4 of my Android phones, but it seems like it’s been getting better. You may want to remove the mobile presence device, and add it back in, and/or increase your geofence size.

Personally I wouldn’t rely too heavily on phone presence with regards to security and tripping alarms. I’m getting a presence tag soon that I think will be more reliable.

There are a couple other threads on this as well that you may want to dig into for additional advice.

I was on a call with several people from SmartThings and there acknowledged they don’t have it implemented properly yet.

Oddly some phones I have work flawlessly, and are far more reliable than the presence fobs. But, those are the exception. Most phones seem to toggle every time the screen goes on or off, or like you mentioned show you as home all day.