Double-failure: routine didn't run, but intrusion action also didn't run

Starting a new thread because this was a sequence of failures.

The morning turn-off alarm security routine didn’t run. OK, we’ve seen this before. And we’ve had alarms go off twice because of this, when House Member entered secured area.

This AM, though, when the intrusion detection happened (because routine to turn off security didn’t happen), the alarm response did not fire: neither lights nor sirens came on.

Last week, the sirens can on, but not the lights when motion was detected in our garage. We couldn’t see anything in the garage, but perhaps a slight shake of the monitor triggered the event–hard to say.

Prior, we would get both lights and sirens, which is the proper response.

I’m sending this to support, but also listing here, to see if others are seeing this type of multiple-failure: routines not run AND event reactions not being triggered.

I have a similar problem where my morning routing didn’t run and disarm the home. This is day two where I open the door to leave for work and the siren starts whaling. I have not touched the configuration in months and suddenly on it’s own, it does this. This is not the first time, but I’m getting near it being the last.

Was this before or after the scheduled hub update today?

This would have been before. It would have run at 6AM Central time.

Hoping this will fix, but can’t really tell from changelog. Seems like the morning routine (which runs separately from Sunrise) is being fixed only after hub reboot.

The upcoming database changes should help to resolve a lot of these types of problems. Sorry @Shelley_Powers

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