Hub started throwing rogue events and detecting devices not present

In the last 24 hours my hub has started sending notifications for some rogue events and false alarms.
Is this a known issue or is there an easy remedy?

Yesterday I had my home monitoring fire and inform me of a water leak from one of my 3 sensors in use. All had confirmed to be working with no issues for the previous couple of months. Ended up pulling the batteries for the device and had to remove+re-add the device to fix. About 15 minutes after the event fired my hub notified me that it was offline and returned without any action on my part about an hour later.

Today I received a notification that my ‘I’m back’ routine when it detected my iphone was still present at home, which it absolutely was not.

Could these events be related?

Please open a support ticket ASAP.

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done. thank you!

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