Latest Update Caused My Linear FS20Z-1 (momentary switch) To Malfunction. Support Is Not Responding To Me. Could Use Some Help

Hello, I have a Linear FS20Z-1 (momentary switch) wired up to my garage door opener button in my garage. I’ve been using it for about a year with mostly good results. I now have 2 problems with it:

  1. Whenever Samsung releases an update to my hub, it causes my garage door to open. If I open the app I can see that the button graphic is permanently pushed down. Pressing it does nothing, thus I cannot shut my garage door. This usually resets after a day and it will work like normal… until the next Samsung update which causes the temporary problems again. This is concerning because on several occasions while we are at work, our garage door randomly opens, and I am unable to close it via the app.

  2. After the latest Samsung update last week, my FS20Z-1 device is now not showing up in my app anymore. I have also been unable to re-add it. After reading up, it appears I am supposed to press the button on the FS20Z-1 three times and hold to initiate a removal… but also simultaneously remove it from the app… but its not showing up in the app anymore, so I’m completely stuck here on how to do this.

I contacted Samsung Smartthings customer support, where they said they would have a programmer look into the problem. This was over a week ago and noone is getting back to me. I also contacted customer support from the manufacture of the Linear FS20Z-1, but also have not heard back from them either.

Any help or advice on this would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Have you tried the general exclusion process?:

Are you referring to the steps that I mentioned I did in #2? E.g. press button 3 times then hold, then remove from app? Or are you talking about something else?

as a workaround / fail-safe, typical suggestion is to de-energize/disable the garage door opener with a smart switch, whenever you are not present.

That would not fix the locked state of your smart relay module - you could also de-energize it at the same time.

Hello Matt,
Did you ever figure out how to add your FS20Z-1 to the new smartthings app? I have the same issue.

I have both apps (old and new) on my phone. I can see it on the old one, but not on the new one …

Thank you.

I’m having issues with this too. I don’t know if it’s IFTTT, Google Assistant, or Smartthings but the trigger doesn’t seem to work now no matter what I do to try and open the garage.

I’m having problems with mine as well. Anyone find out how to reset the device.