V2 Hub, Garage, and Windows Phone

Hi there. I just got my first SmartThings Hub. I think it’s the one people are calling “V2.” I had to pre-order it from Amazon. I bought SmartThings because they have a Windows Phone app – I don’t own any iOS or Android devices.

Anyway, I setup Ecolink Garage Door Tilt Sensor. It seems to work really well. I can get notified every time the door opens or closes (could get annoying after a while, but the novelty is still there).

Then, I hooked up a Linear FS20Z to the switch leads of the opener. This is where I’m having some trouble. I can get the door to open and close, but only sometimes. It’s not reliable by any means. To get it to work, I also have to turn it on and then off again. There is such a lag between when I double-tap the icon in the app and when the signal actually gets sent (if it gets sent at all), I’m concerned something is wrong.

Can anyone lend a newbie a hand / some advice on making this work better? Is it the Windows Phone app? I wouldn’t be surprised because it seems pretty crashy/buggy. Kudos for including the lesser platform, but it could use some improvement.

Is there an alternative way to control my “things” (like a web interface)?

Anyway, thanks for looking.

Your Linear FS20Z is a switch that only sends a signal to your garage door when it’s in the on position. For example, lets say the switch is in the off position and the door is closed. To raise the door, you turn the switch to the on position. Now, to close the door, you have to turn the switch to the off position (at which point nothing will happen with the door) and then turn the switch to the on position. Also, be aware that your other garage door opener remotes and such will not function when the Linear FS20Z is in its “on” state.

So, what you need to do is to have your switch turn itself to the off position once it’s finished its open or close cycle. You can do this by setting up rules with the “Smart Lighting” SmartApp (which you can find in the “SmartThings Recommends” section). In that app, you set up 2 rules, one to turn off the Linear FS20Z Switch when your Ecolink Garage Door Tilt Sensor detects an open state, and another rule to turn off the switch when your sensor detects a closed state.

That makes sense. I tried to follow your instructions, but when I try to pick how to trigger the event it says “no devices to connect.”

This question is coming up a lot. Try this workaround

I haven’t needed it but sounds right. You need a momentary contact closure (to press, then release, the existing button).

I saw that post too. I quit though because the app doesn’t have “rooms” as he suggested.

I went ahead and just changed the FS20Z to a Z-Wave Virtual Momentary Contact Switch. I left the tilt sensor as: Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor. The sensor is working 100%. However, the FS20Z is extremely unreliable. I can tap the button in the app and sometimes is actuates and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s very frustrating. I’m hoping it’s a software (Windows Phone app) problem; not a problem with the hardware.