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I’m about to buy a starter kit and have noticed that the price has dropped in Amazon (good for me :slight_smile:) , so was wondering if Samsung are bringing out a new Hub? - ie Hub version 3, hence the reduction in price.

Also, how an I tell if the starter kit that I buy includes the current latest (version 2) hub?

Well, according to filings with the Federal Communications Commission here in the US, there probably is a v3 hub.

But who knows if it’s coming out in a month, a year, or maybe even never. And that’s the US, there’s also no way to know how that applies to the UK market.

Frankly, I think it’s unlikely that any price reduction you’re seeing is explained by the imminent release of a new hub. But that’s just a guess.

More likely that some starter kits have older versions of the sensors in them, and those kits are on sale. If that’s the case, the older version sensors will still work with the hub just fine.

Someone asked a similar question recently, and that was the explanation (i.e. different generation sensors, not different generation hub). But again, that was in the US.

BTW in the UK, there is only one version of the hub. V1 was released in the US only, so the only version in the UK corresponds to the v2 hub in the US.

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They’re on sale more often than full price. I think they do it to encourage people to purchase it.

Then your suckered into spending too much on sensors etc, so they soon make their money back.