Should I buy V2 or v3 (big price difference) (DK)

Hi guys, total noob here.

I have the chance to buy a used ST V2 for 32$
Or a used v3 for 72$
(A new v3 is 108$ in most of Europe)

I would like to controll some lightbulbs (optimally both zigbee and wifi)
I’d like some sensors at different doors to trigger stuff like lighting and curtains.

I’ll use it with Google assistant, and maby in the future also Alexa.

Can ST v3 sensors be used with the V2 hub?
I red many old articles that Samsung said the v2 would get upgraded to zigbee 3.0, but I haven’t been able to figure out if that ever happened?
Should I be aware of US/EU versions?

Hope you’ll answer my noob questions and guide me.

Go with the V2. The both have the same capabilities and run the same firmware.

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The way ST is deploying firmware now, the V.2 is the oldest hub still receiving new firmware but it’s already over 5 years old. It will be the next one to lose support (at some unknown time in the future) The v.3 will follow a couple years after that.

So for MAX supportability and how much of a pain migration is - maybe it will be better a couple years in the future, so save yourself a few hours, get a v.3.



Only buy a hub which is a match to the region where it will operate. Not only will you save yourself a lot of headaches when you go to buy individual devices, but it may be illegal to operate an out of region hub depending on where you live.

Also, with the newest version of the app many more features are region locked and you may find you can’t even set up the hub if it’s not the right model for your region.

What country are you in?

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I’m in Denmark (northern Europe)

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I I assume that the used models are local, but I’ll be sure to ask before purchase
In ST terminology, Europe is just considered 1 region right, so it wouldn’t matter if it was purchased in UK or Germany (actually I know that the v3 I’m looking on was originally purchased in UK)

I assume that if they run the same FW, then the V2 also support zigbee 3.0?

Based on my absolute non existing experience, I have a spider-sens that that is important!..?

It used to be that you could feel confident that the hub sold in the UK would work in Europe, but now there are also some additional regional lockouts.

There is a hub which is now officially supported for Denmark, so I would get that model to be safe:

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“still receiving updates” is not the same as “running the same firmware.” They are not necessarily running the same firmware.

Just get the V3 with the model number matching the one on the Samsung page in Denmark that I just linked to. Anything else is a potential headache.


Ok, not the answer I wanted, but thank you, I appreciate it!

…no one likes headaches :wink:

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I hook here with a similar question if possible, it could help other people’s purchase choice.
I have been an ST user for a few months, and recommended by Italian users, I bought the V3 that looked even better, having more memory and internal batteries … let’s overlook the veracity of this information, but if I wanted to switch to V3 now what a headache he’s waiting for me? Is it possible to change hubs doing some sort of quick backup, or should I do it all over again with all connected devices?
Thanks so much

It’s the V2 that has the internal batteries. They dropped that feature for the V3.

In any case, at present there is no migration utility for SmartThings. (Also no backup utility.)

So anytime you go from one hub to another, regardless of the individual hub models, you have to start over from scratch and re-add every hub-Connected device and rebuild every automation That used them. :disappointed_relieved:

They’ve been saying they were working on a better method for migration since 2015, but they have yet to deliver one.


I was afraid I had this answer, this is a very problem for “maintenance works” thanks for your help. I hope my V2 will live long

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