Initiating in Smartthings ecosystem buying V2 Hub

Hi everyone,

This is my first post here and i want to buy Smartthings Hub V2 (F-HUB-UK-V2 - Hub)

Do you think it´s a good option? Or should i buy V3? Is V2 future proof?

I dont see any advantage in V3 vs V2 and V2 is much cheaper at the moment (50€ vs 95€).

I also wonder if V2 will continue to have regular updates and if it will be compatible with the new android Smartthings app? I ask this because i contacted by email Samsung and they just replied “…our team of product experts they advise me that it is compatible to the Smart Things Classic App”

Your advice will be much appreciated, thanks.

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get the v2 hub. you might even be able to get one cheaper on ebay (in the UK).


from what i research it seems a better option than V3, my only doubt would be if it´s future proof/if Samsng will support it for the next years…