Kwikset Zigbee Locks

@joel_eggenhuize above in this thread @sebirdman posted the git repo for the device type for the Kwickset Zigbee lock. it has basic functionality (you can lock it and unlock it) but it the lock status is not always correct and there is no support for lock codes among other issues. So i wouldnt say that it works well but it does work. I have the Kwikset zigbee lock (not control4) and theoretically when i have some extra time i will collaborate with @sebirdman to make the device type better. If you want a turnkey solution, this isn’t it quite yet. Does that answer your question?

BTW since it isnt supported you would need to install @sebirdman 's device type through the developer portal in order to use it.

thank you - it does answer it. i think ill just get a z wave lock even though i’m not in US.

I’m a bit torn between getting a zwave lock but my only options are US freq (which is not allowed in Australia).

If you’re planning on working more on the kwikset 910 one i’d be happy to donate some cash to help! hopefully the lock status is not too hard to fix up.

I’m guessing this github device type will support other zigbee locks? (or should)?

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Sorry to bother you again mate. Do you know if the device type above will support the kwikset 914? I’m guessing it should have similar support to the 910

@joel_eggenhuize I couldn’t say for sure but id say with about 80% confidence that the above device type would support any zigbee lock that conforms to the Zigbee Home Automation standard. (including in your case the 914 zigbee) This is because the functionality that it implements is standardized (no manufacturer specific stuff).

if you would be interested in buying the 910 that i have let me know via PM.

why do you want to sell it? I’d consider it, but the 910 might be a bit too wide for my door. from the specs it’s 3.5" wide (the one that does on the front of the door). ( i have detailings on my door which will make the width too small possibly.

is the front unit 3.5 inch wide? might be interested to buy it depends .

Got my 914 - very nice lock. I have installed the device type. and added the device with the zig ID, but not sure what to put in for the Device Network ID? this is my first zigbee device (have some motion sensors coming soon). I have tried putting the zID into both ZID and network device ID.

Lock has appeared in my things, but it doesn’t do anything with the zigbee lock.

what have I missed?

first to answer your questions about zigbee id/net id the zigbee id is like a MAC address and the network address is like an IP address. However based on what you have said I expect that you are trying to add you device through the developer IDE. Im not sure if that will work. First you must add the device type through the developer IDE. Then what i have done to add all my zigbee devices is to put the device in pairing/discoverable mode following the manufacturer’s instructions and add the device through the smartthings app.

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Thanks. I did delete the manual device I made. And put the lock into discovery mode. Then went to the plus and added things but nothing shows up. It could be because it’s the only zigbee device i have so far that it’s not turning up. But the loco is about six metres from the hub.

So I just need to put it into discovery then wait for it to appear as a new thing ready to configure ?

Locks generally have a security feature that required pairing while the device is very close to the hub, within a few inches. After that they can be farther away. This is to prevent a lock from being accidentally paired to the wrong controller.

Got it. I went into add lock. Selected zigbee lock from the list (the one that looks like mine ) and enabled the pairing zigbee process on the lock (button a four times ) and it appeared straight away. Lovely ! Thank you for the help all

EDIT: Works nicely. as expected the status doesn’t update if you lock / unlock directly from the lock itself.

any plans to add to this device type? I’d be happy to donate

did anyone get the kwikset 910 zigbee to work? I purchased one from Best Buy not realizing it was a zigbee on accident (newbie mistake) and I can see the lock and get instant updates on the lock being locked and unlocked but I can not seem to get it to actually unlock and lock from the app. I am happy to donate to get this to work.

Hey Jim!

We’re tracking an issue that was introduced last week or so that causes the lock to not actuate correctly. We have an engineer assigned to the issue and we hope to have the fix deployed as soon as possible.

Sorry for the inconvenience in the mean time.

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I noticed this lock shows up as officially supported. Have all the issues been resolved?

Yes it was fixed in December of last year.

Great, do the HAI 1.0 (C4) versions also work with ST or only the HAI 1.2?

No, those devices are proprietary to C4.

Is there a way to see if a kwikset Zigbee module is C4 or HAI1.2? I have a module that describes itself as 02 0104 000A 00 06 00BD 0000 0003 0004 0005 0101 02 000A 0019.

The 00BD inCluster is unexpected and device doesn’t match any fingerprint of the public Zigbee Lock handler.

So it is recognized as “thing”, although basic functions work (lock/unlock, but no automatic status update) if associated with any Zigbee lock handlers via IDE.

I’m pretty sure if you got a C4 module it wouldn’t pair and you would not be able to control the lock. You need to run a ZigBee configure on lock state to get reporting (and/or use a handler that reports Operating Mode).

I’ve written a DTH that offers more functionality, though it is limited with Kwikset locks. It can be found below. You’ll have to add your fingerprint and model as I only have the ones in the default handler. If that works for you I can add it permanently. The nice thing is that you can hit the force configure button to rerun ZigBee configure. I’ve also added health check that will automatically do that if after 2 hours you still have not gotten a response from the lock.