Kwikset SmartCode 910 Zigbee lock cannot be controlled

I’m trying to control my Kwikset SmartCode 910 Zigbee lock with SmartThings using the Aeotec hub and everything seems to be connected but can’t control the lock. I’ve tried using Mariano’s Zigbee Lock Mc driver and it seems to list my device correctly SMARTCODE_DEADBOLT_5 in the fingerprints.yml. I can’t seem to get the lock to do anything. It will say “This device hasn’t updated all of its status information yet. Check again later.”

Anyone able to shed some light? Thank you!

Device Name: base-lock

Device Profile: base-lock

I think this reddit thread here answered it for me. I don’t know if it’s even worth changing the module to ZWave, instead just buy a whole new lock that’s more modern? Those modules cost $50 and up!!!

To add to this - C4 uses a proprietary Zigbee implementation. Essentially you need to swap the radio out for whatever standard you want to use - Zwave, vanilla Zigbee etc. Pretty sure Quickset sells these separately too.

Control4 uses their own proprietary flavor of zigbee. They call it zigbee pro. They’ve partnered up with manufacturers who create products specifically built for zigbee pro. It is very likely your lock is using zigbee pro.

That post can be ignored. It focused on a kwikset lock that has a zigbee pro module used for Control4. It uses a proprietary version of zigbee that is not compatible with other HA systems which does not apply to your situation. Recommendations in that thread were to swap out the module so the lock could be used with other systems.

Back to your lock:

  • did you install Mariano’s Zigbee Lock Mc Edge driver on your hub before you added the lock or after?
  • if after… what Driver was selected when your added the lock?
  • was the lock near the hub when you added it?
  • which ST hub or appliance/tv with built-in hub do you have?

You may want to try:

  • remove the lock from ST
  • reset the lock
  • get the lock near the hub when adding
  • when you add it, check if it got the Edge driver mentioned above

A Guide to Wireless Range & Repeaters

It got the Edge driver but the radio module that was preconfigured was Zigbee Pro which puts a vendor (Control4) lock on the device. It’s like car dealerships scams. You pay for a device and you own it but they control how you can configure it and want yearly subscription fees and their partners need to be paid to come service it. So the only solution is replacing the radio module with a ZWave Plus. They sell it on eBay. Lowest I’ve found is $26.

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check the location of the seller. you want to get the correct frequency of z-wave for your region.


Good advice! The seller is from the US.

So the new module (Z Wave - blue colored) came and swapped it out with the old Control4 module (Zigbee Pro - yellow colored) and SmartThings was able to pair up the lock and I can utilize it!

Attached photos of the modules, hope it helps other folks.