Kwikset door lock doesn't show correct status

My Kwikset door lock doesn’t show the correct lock status. It locks/unlocks the door fine but always shows status as locked. I unpaired and paired several times and have the same issue. Anyone know how to fix this?



This is fairly common. This FAQ should help. (This is a clickable link)

FAQ: Zwave lock (any brands) locks and unlocks, but the hub doesn't know the status

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@ben @april… if you guys don’t already have @JDRoberts on staff… maybe you should! :slight_smile: :smile:
Seriously @JDRoberts, you do a really great job here not only answering people’s questions in a very complete and thought out way, but also pointing to the past discussions so the new people can reap the benefit of all the past talk about their issues/problems/quesitons.

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Thanks for the shout, but in fact I’m completely unreliable. Due to my medical stuff. I’ll be around for a little while, and then completely missing, sometimes for months. (And even that’s completely unreliable. I’ve been supposed to be on a new medication trial since July, but we keep running into issues and they kick me off are they make adjustments, and so I don’t even know when it is that I will then be gone. Some days I sleep for 17 hours, some days I don’t sleep at all. Nothing in my life has a regular pattern. So it goes. )

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