Door Status wrong with door lock only when locked manually?

I have a SmartThings Hub with a Kwikset Z-Wave Lock. Yesterday, I noticed something weird that has been going on for the past couple days.

If I unlock and lock the door from my phone app, it works fine and the status is correctly displayed (unlocked or locked).

If I go in the house unlock the door using the keypad and lock the door manually when I am inside, it works fine and the status is correctly displayed.

However, the only scenario where I leave my house and click the “lock” button on the physical door lock, the status still shows “unlocked”. But if I click "lock’ on my app, the motor doesn’t move and the status simply changes (good thing it doesn’t do the opposite). Any reason what might cause this and how to fix it?

The most likely reason is low battery.

It works fine in the other scenarios above though. The ST App is also reporting 90% battery, bought fresh Duracell ones and only been a month…what do you think?

I had problems similar to yours that were resolved upon battery replacement; so that is always worth a try. I used Lithium batteries.

But you’re just as likely to be experiencing network issues. Perhaps try a Z-Wave repair.