Kwikset Lock Missing Events

OK… Then let’s focus on that specific issue instead of the ramifications of it. Let’s leave SHM completely out of the discussion. And Abode.

(BTW: I was just exploring the scenario you described in order to get to the point where I now understand this isn’t an SHM issue.).

It is a lot more productive for SmartThings (and us?) to focus on why a Z-Wave Unlock Event didn’t get received and/or recorded. Now we can go through the possible causes and find the root cause by process of elimination.

Though … replication of the problem is essential. I have a Z-Wave Sunset event (in Rule Machine) that has failed to fire for the past few days. So … this “Z-Wave event loss” is a concern, shared issue, perhaps not the same issue.

For what it’s worth, I see constant issues with my zWave locks. I have a rule setup in Rule Machine (I have used other mechanisms as well with same results) where my locks automatically lock 5 minutes later when they are unlocked. I have noticed on occasion where it just doesn’t lock properly. I have always attributed it to the scheduling issues, but now that those seem to be behind us (or are they not?), I am not so sure. I haven’t had the time to troubleshoot this much though.

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Ok, so one thing is clear, the message never made it from my lock to ST. Possible causes:

weak z-wave signal or interference. Worth noting I have an outlet 3 ft away from the lock that supports beaming messages (also notable, v1 and Abode didn’t have the repeater support and they worked just fine)

  • hub is located about 15 ft from the lock
  • lock has worked with no issues for at least 6 months with v1 and 3 months with Abode (have had prior issues with v2)

communication between hub (the lock is a local device, so the hub has the handler) and the cloud

I have eliminated already

  • lock fell off the mesh (because there are later notifications received from the lock)
  • hub offline (other devices reported events)
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That’s an important factor (although still might not be the root cause). As a Hub V1 user, I presume that the path for Events to the Cloud is much simpler.

Do V2 Hubs have local diagnostics?

The fact that the 1:05 unlock never showed up in the lock’s device log would certainly be problematic, but since the standard device handler doesn’t support user codes, are you sure it reports nonnetworked events? (I can’t read the code, so I don’t know, but I know tracking nonnetworked events is a big reason the custom handlers exist.)

Also, separate from the lock, any type of notification for ST is cloud based, right? I didn’t think we had any local notifications. Or am I confused?

Just to say not getting a notification is yet one more potential point of failure.

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Ha, those are two things I was very surprised to see that have changed. The local handler does report on user codes now and manual operation is reported on time. I will add screenshot when I come back home (I am on the road at the moment).

Yeah, I think all notifications come from the cloud. So in this case no event=no notification, obviously.

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So the question I’d like @slagle to answer, if possible, in this context; Is there a local Hub diagnostic / trace log that can be compared to the Cloud’s event log?

i.e., Is there any way to determine if a Z-Wave event was received by the Hub (V2), but not relayed to the Cloud? Or vice versa?

I take it as a “given” that the hybrid architecture of SmartThings (i.e., local execution and cloud execution) is inherently complex. No discussion as to whether or not there are better or worse ways to implement it; but I like to maximize our ability to debug and so I’m really curious about Hub diagnostics (logs) vs the Live Logging and Event Logs of the SmartThings Cloud.

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What? Hub diagnostics? What system are you thinking about? Not this one. Almost every failure they have (ok, not all) would show up there.

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Ummm… nope. The vast majority of problems would not show up on local Hub, … because the vast majority of device types and SmartApps (Rule Machine in particular, of course), don’t run locally … right?

(I brought up local diagnostics in this Topic because @SBDOBRESCU’s environment for this issue is locally executing.)

As promised…the unlock records are me going on the front porch, the code event is my sons unlocking from the outside with his code…So yeah, this is how it’s been working (great when it does). Unfortunately, I had more missed events throughout the day, since I paid more attention, so it wasn’t only one time event.

That’s incorrect. The vast majority of devices are local (unless customized). They are operated in the cloud if the app cannot process them locally.

OK, that’s informative, but obviously unsettling. How far is the door from the hub, how close is the nearest beaming repeater, and is the abode contact sensor zwave or zigbee?

Distance from hub 15 ft clear. Maybe 10 through wall. Closest beaming repeater 3 ft. Abode contact is on 433mhz.

When you did the unlock tests today, did you also open the door? Or just unlock?

Unlock and open.

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The only reason I noticed events missing, is because there were multiple in a row. For like an hour or so…

Wow… I’m sure losing the fact checking game today. I might as well just shutoff my PC. :zipper_mouth:

You’re correct, I assume; But I think perhaps a large number of Community members are more likely than other folks to be using customized device types, and/or cloud-only device types. I’m admittedly clueless, though, because I don’t yet run a Hub V2 and haven’t had to try to optimize my device list to be local.

Neh, you don’t have experience with v2, nor had many issues forcing you to look deeper into ins and outs…


For future references. For those who have issues with their locks, check this thread on devices with beam command. They may help resolve some lock reliability issues (unfortunately not in my case)