Way to determine if a device supports "Beaming"

(Hugo Donis) #1

Does anybody know if there is a way, through SmartThings, to determine if a device has beaming capabilities?

While searching the web I found this information but it seems to apply only to Vera and how it identifies the devices that connect to it.

Kwikset Lock Missing Events

If it’s a certified device, you can check the zwave alliance “implementation conformance statement.” I believe all the GE hard wired switches and plug in receptacles that are zwave do now support beaming (secure Communucation). I know the dimmer outlet 12718 does, it’s the one I’m using as a repeater to my zwave door lock.


(Hugo Donis) #3

Thanks JDRoberts,

I should have asked this question earlier it would have saved me countless hours trying to find something on the internet that confirmed that the wall switches I have actually support Beaming functionality.

(Bobby) #4

My recent bad experience with one of my locks forced me to do research on which of my outlets support the beam command. It turned out that the closest outlet does. I am using Leviton DZPA1



@SBDOBRESCU I too got here since I got annoyed enough with my lock to start digging. I believe I saw you all over the kwikset lock issues in regards to batter reporting. I was wondering what did you eventually end up doing. I just sent kwikset an email discussing that perhaps my unit is defective. While that convo is in progress I also took a look at this repeater business. I am looking at Leviton DZPA1-2BW since it has beaming but was wondering if that did the trick for you or did you end up cutting bait and buying a different lock. I have the kwikset 916 and the v2 hub.