Kwikset deadbolt zigbee connection issue

Installed a new Kwikset smart lock conversion kit
It’s Zigbee and all other devices on my smartthings are Zwave

It was recognized by the app but I am unable to control it. Keep getting error " can’t connect to device"

Open to all suggestions!

Thanks !

If it’s your only zigbee device it may just be too far from the hub. I would move the hub closer and see if that fixes the issue.

Try adding a ZigBee Peanut plug to extend your zigbee network.

Also what device handler is your lock using?

Thanks. I just ordered a Zigbee plug to fill in the network between the hub and the lock. I’m sorry but I’m not sure what you mean by device handler. When I added to I just chose Kwikset lock from the prepopulated choices.

No sweat, open the IDE (, click on My Devices, locate your lock and see what “Type” it’s using.

You will find step by step directions here: (the post may say zwave, but it is really for the zigbee lock)

There are also other posts in that discussion you should read through. Also, what model number do you have? If it has the keypad, you want to select “Zigbee Lock” for Type, otherwise select “ZigBee Lock Without Codes”.

It’s very likely that the lock did not get the right handler assigned (looks like the image isn’t using the lock icon either), and that post will help you resolve that. I have a couple of those locks and they work great.

If your Type field is already correct, it’s just a range issue with your hub and all you’ll need is a plug that is a zigbee mesh repeater.

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Looks like it is coming up fine in the device handler:
so range does not seem to be an issue.
must be device type mismatch?

Did you try controlling it from the Classic app?

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The Name did get picked up as a Thing, so something is odd. Try changing Type to “Zigbee Lock Without Codes” and watch your Live Logs or the device’s event log to make sure you see a configuration happen.

Also, like @RBoy mentioned, do you have the Classic app installed and can you control it there?

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i’m all set
i changed type to zigbee lock without codes as john suggested and all seems to be working
i can control it with the newer smartthings app on my phone
thanks for your help!

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