Baldwin Zigbee Lock with Smartthings - "A network or server error occured. Try again later"


I have a Baldwin Boulder Zigbee Lock Boulder AC Zigbee Deadbolt (8252.402.AC2)
I am using the latest Aeotec Hub, which recognized my lock as Kwickset Door Lock - Zigbee. When I add the device, the smartthings app shows the latest status, but after that, the app is no longer able to communicate with the lock (it can’t lock/unlock the device nor does it retrieve the latest status on whether it is locked or unlocked). When I try to unlock/lock the device, I receive this error, “A network or server error occured. Try again later”. After a bit of time, the lock starts showing as offline. On another note, the hub is pretty close to the lock, just one room away (40-50 feet).

I reviewed the information in this post (I change the type from Zigbee lock to Zigbee lock without codes and vice versa) to no avail. Kwikset deadbolt zigbee connection issue

I also saw this post which states that Baldwin zigbee locks are not compatable, but I’m hoping that is no longer the case. Compatibility with Baldwin Zigbee or Z-Wave locks - #3 by JDRoberts

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Based on the questions and answers from support on the site that you linked to, that model will only work with a control4 system, which uses a proprietary Zigbee profile that is not the same as the one used by smartthings.

The Zigbee lock is only used with a Control 4 home automation system.

I would suggest contacting their support in case something has changed, since those posts were about two years old. But it might not be compatible. :disappointed_relieved:

I should also add that 40 to 50 feet away is near the maximum distance for a Zigbee device, so it could also just be a range issue. If it is compatible with smart things, you might need to add another mains-powered Zigbee device like a plug-in smart plug about halfway between the lock and the hub. Zigbee is a very low power protocol, which means that batteries last a long time, but it also means transmissions don’t go very far.

See post 11 in the following community FAQ, then go up to the top and read the whole thread to learn more about range. The topic title is a clickable link.

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Thank you JDRoberts for your reply. I think you are right that the Baldwin lock needs Control4 (which is unfortunate).

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