Kwikset 916 lock showing low battery level when batteries are fine

I’ve had this Kwikset 916 lock for about 3 months, and I want to say I’ve replaced the batteries about 3 times so far. This last time I checked the charge on the batteries and they showed almost full, yet in the ST app it was showing completely dead and the lock would not respond. Swapped the batteries that I took out a couple weeks back and for about 2 days it showed 90%, now today it’s down to 20%. I excluded the lock and re included it two days ago but that didn’t seem to help at all. I was going to do a factory reset tomorrow to see if that helped at all, but wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing this.

Are you using rechargeable or alkaline batteries? I’ve read rechargeable have a lower voltage so the ST app will report low battery sooner vs alkaline batteries. Also, is the lock far from the hub? Maybe the distance may play a role on battery life. If that is the case, a repeater may be the solution.

Alkaline batteries and it’s probably less than 20 feet, probably closer to 15 feet from my hub. I have 2 other Kwikset locks, not the 916 that I’ve had for about 10 months that are on their original set if batteries. I would say this lock automatically unlocks or locks the door maybe 3 times a day. So it’s not like it’s constantly being used.

Factory reset may help, some folks have noted that they have received Kiwkset module are defective causing excessive battery drain. Also check if any apps are communicating with your lock. There was a bug in the Schlage firmware that caused it to constantly send updates to the hub (which shows up in the IDE Live Logging) causing excessive battery drain.

One had a couple.of…kwikset locks I had to remove and reaadd toget update battery status.

Happens all the time.

This works for me about 80% of the time…

Go into the device settings on the ST app and press done. Then hit refresh. Wait a few minutes. Look again, see if you won the ST lottery.

I checked on the device, over the last 24 hours there has been 42 times the device had an event. WebCore is the only app that is connected to it. Will try a factory reset today and if that doesn’t help, I’ll be reaching out to Kwikset. Thanks for the suggestion.

Maybe check out this thread. My 910 wasn’t reporting battery level and I had to edit the DTH to get it to start. It’s still not automatic, but now when I open the lock and refresh it will update the battery level.

@RBoy you maintain a DH for these devices, at least the ones I use. Do you have something that periodically updates the battery? Maybe every time it’s unlocked or something.

Yes there is an algorithm to request battery updates if the lock doesn’t report battery information, it will request a battery update atleast once every 24 hours if not reported through other means. For some folks the SmartThings “polling” mechanism doesn’t work so that could be why it doesn’t update.

Sometimes my battery can go days after I change them before updating and they update only after I do the battery update dance I described above.

Next time they are low and I change them… is there something I should send you? Not sure what event I would try to capture in the logs.

Just did a factory reset and battery is showing at 90% again which is probably around what it should be. We’ll see if it stays that way or if within the next couple days.

In my experience it goes down just fine. Not back up after replacing the batteries.

My only problem is just that the lock will be reporting batteries that are close to being dead, that have about a 90% charge on them. It’s already reporting 70%, which makes me think the factory reset didn’t do anything.

You can try the latest update (v04.02.04) , it puts in a patch to fix the broken platform polling, not frequent, just once every 12 hours for regular updates and battery update requests no more than once every 24 hours enough to not let the lock die on you without notice. For this this update to take effect you’ll have to click on the gear box (preferences) in your ST mobile app for your lock device and then click on Save.

Update for what exactly? And it’s held at 70% for the last two days, plus the touch screen is much more responsive. In the past when I would go to unlock it, it could take up to 7 or 8 seconds for it to allow you to punch in your code. Hasn’t done that the last few times I’ve used it, so I’m hoping it was just a bad something with the install and the FR cleared it up.

Sorry that was for @whoismoses and relates to the Universal Enhanced ZWave Lock DTH and the issue he had reported about broken ST polling and no battery updates after replacing batteries

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@RBoy - I’ve updated. I’ll keep you posted.

are you referring to an updated kwikset software/firmware update or another app?

I have the battery polling issue also and trying to fix…

using lock manager ver 0.2

It’s the Enhanced Z-Wave Lock device handler, details here: