Kwikset SmartCode Z-wave not reporting battery correctly

I have a Kwikset 914 that started blinking red.

I looked at the device on ST and the battery was reporting 20%.
I took the batteries out and tested them. They all tested good.

So I put them back in and ST reported the battery was at 80%.
But right after I unlocked the door it started reporting 20%.

So not sure if I have a defective unit or that I need to do something to fix this.

Unfortunately, we’re basically just a passthrough for whatever battery level the lock reports to us. But sometimes the effective battery value under load (i.e. running the motor) may be less than when it is idle. The lock may not have an accurate reading itself until after its operated once or twice. That being said: if it’s blinking red, definitely trust that over whatever is displayed in our app.

I noticed today that my Kwikset 914 was at 1%. It was at 60% 2 weeks ago.

@kurtw The 1% is a value that we synthesize whenever the lock sends us a specific “low battery” message just so that it’s clear that the lock is saying its batteries should be replaced.

If you think your batteries are draining too quickly, we’ve found that locks near the edge of reliable transmission drain faster due to messages having to be re-sent. A plugged-in z-wave repeater (like a plug) between the hub and the lock may help.

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